Here are the 5 problems that destroy relationships for each zodiac sign

We all have different ideas about how to live our relationships, it depends on the personality, but also the zodiac sign of each. Moreover, this can create several problems, especially within the couple!


1. You want everything to be the way you want it, and your partner may not agree.
2. You have trouble leaving toxic relationships, because you want to prove to yourself that you have done everything to make the relationship succeed.
3. You have future and exact plans of what things should be in your relationship.
4. Sometimes you simply can not accept a NO as an answer.
5. You have trouble accepting that love sometimes comes to an end.


1. You make judgments about your partner and sometimes fail to use the right words to talk to him.
2. You become extremely vindictive and punitive once he has really upset you.
3. You are very demanding in the bedroom sleeping.
4. You like good manners and have trouble adapting to a partner who does not have one.
5. You have trouble making compromises.


1. Sometimes you are so egocentric that you forget the needs and desires of your partner.
2. You forget that people will not stay the same as the first day.
3. You hate the routine and being too comfortable in the relationship means the end of love.
4. You argue a lot, even for an absurdity.
5. You often have disagreements about lifestyle choices with your partner.


1. You must feel loved all the time, otherwise, you become tense and sad.
2. You are still afraid that your partner will leave you.
3. When you’re too careful, you’re choking on your partner.
4. You still love being in a relationship, although sometimes being single can be better for you.
5. You want a wedding and children, but it’s never the right time.


1. You put pressure on how others see your relationship.
2. You demand a lot more attention from your partner than you do in return.
3. You demand financial security and a good life for both of you.
4. You keep things to yourself and you unleash your partner in tantrums.
5. You are secretly afraid that he is not good enough for you.


1. You are traditional and have trouble accepting a partner from a different culture, despite your love.
2. You absolutely want to do everything together without realizing how stuffy it can be sometimes.
3. You say things that you do not really think about when you are angry.
4. You tend to assume more than your abilities.
5. You are easily uncompromising, and often you hurt your partner.


1. You can not stand to be neglected, you are very demanding towards your partner.
2. You are undecided in love.
3. You think you can save people from harm.
4. You see the good of everyone and you do not think that people can be toxic to you.
5. You believe that lying is better than hurting the other person.


1. You eject the cheats of your life without notice.
2. You are passionate at the beginning of a relationship, but you lose interest too soon.
3. You avoid talking too much about your feelings.
4. You take everything personally.
5. You hold a grudge against your partner for a long time.


1. You want absolute freedom, but your partner may not accept everything.
2. Faced with limited minds, your free spirit can trigger problems in your relationships.
3. You often get away from people without giving them the benefit of the doubt.
4. Your relationships sometimes tire you and exhaust you and your partner.
5. You pay a lot of attention to the physical appearance.


1. You want to please your partner so much that you forget your well-being.
2. When you are in a relationship for a long time, you rely on your assets.
3. You avoid arguments at all costs, leaving your partner alone in the face of problems.
4. You accept decisions with which you are not really comfortable.
5. You find many excuses for harmful relationships.


1. You need your space of freedom and it’s often frustrating for your partner.
2. You often feel that you are misunderstood.
3. You feel stuck when your partner can not follow your goals and ideas.
4. You are terrified of getting bored.
5. You fear being with someone forever.


1. You have trouble expressing your emotions, so you are misunderstood by your spouse.
2. You are reserved and your partner might believe that you play the tough ones.
3. You spend a lot of time alone, something your partner may not like.
4. You do not appreciate when your partner does not open up to you.

5. You often feel that you care for your spouse more than he cares for you.