Here are the 9 different forms of love that exist

We all experience love differently. I often say that a couple are two individuals who form a new entity and this entity is therefore always unique … And can take different forms! There are no “good” or “bad” ways to love, what matters is that both partners find their account and flourish in the relationship. Let’s see the different types of love together. We have identified 9:

9 different forms of love

1 / Passionate love: This magical but fleeting form of love

The passion comes from the Greek “Pathos” which means suffering, torture … We can already imagine the carnage that such a relationship can cause. Passion is beautiful, it’s strong, it’s intense … at the start of a relationship! But beware! Because if you continue like this for long months or even long years, you will end up getting gutted. Indeed, you will not be able to bear the absence of the other anymore, you will always need to be together, bonded, to know everything that the other is doing … And, if unfortunately one of you comes off, don’t if only a little bit, the other will feel empty, annihilated. Passion is good from time to time, I can only recommend that you live moments of madness in love but be independent. Do not live for and through each other.

To live a passionate love is to live in the permanent fear of losing the other at every moment and of failing to find happiness without him.

2 / Dominant / dominated love: This form of love is destructive

This is often the case in couples where one manipulates the other. We can talk about narcissistic perverts or even violent men. In this type of relationship, one will seek to take power over the other, to control it and make it its puppet. Most of the time the “submissive” is not aware of this hellish situation and always questions himself. He will then seek to satisfy the expectations of his “executioner” whom he obviously does not see with that eye.

3 / Platonic love: This form of love can be appreciated if the two partners are on the same wavelength

It is a loving and caring love that eliminates all intimate and carnal consideration in the couple. It is a completely different intimacy that is experienced by the couple, which privileges the sensitivity of the words, the attention of the gestures, and the sweetness of the looks at intimate relationships (it is obviously always possible to kiss). Platonic love is one of the most innocent forms of love, it is the symbol of chaste, pure love, and passes for ”  the most poetic and the most powerful of loves” … If it is mutually consented that goes without saying !!!

4 / Respectful love: A pretty form of love

If all platonic love is respectful, respectful love is not necessarily platonic! In this kind of relationship, mutual respect and harmony of the two souls is at the center of everything. This kind of couple is therefore very autonomous, which leaves a great deal of freedom for both partners, freedom which is based on total confidence in the other. It is a beautiful love, which it is sometimes difficult to achieve but which is suitable for people who like to maintain their independence, even after being in a relationship.

5 / Inaccessible love: A destructive form of love

One-sided love par excellence, even more than dominant / dominated love! This almost inaccessible love, we almost all knew it, especially during our childhood or our adolescence: to fall madly in love with a person who is out of our reach, whether it is because of distance, age, status or many other criteria.

A professor, a movie star, a famous singer … It is a fantasized love that we know is impossible but that does not prevent us from dreaming … Which is anything but a bad thing as long as this love does not turn to obsession and that it does not cause suffering.

6 / Selfless love: A form of noble love

It is an infrequent but nevertheless present form of love: this type of love is evoked when one of the partners wishes to give more than to receive. This partner chooses to couple with a person who needs help both physically and psychologically.

Altruistic, he/she will do everything in his / her power to make life more beautiful and pleasant for this person, and this, whatever some may think, which may be disturbed by this couple who does not fit «into the norm “(” What is he/she doing with this person, he/she deserves so much better!).

7 / Tender love: A more than pleasant form of love

Opposite to passionate love, we find tender love in older couples for whom the fire is still burning, but more slowly. The flames of passion have given way to the embers of tenderness, less lively, but not less hot! No more passionate vagaries of love, the couple seeks calm and stability conducive to a lasting relationship. The feelings are certainly attenuated but still present. This love is proof of the maturity of a relationship, which can last for a long time.

8 / sensual love: a torrid form of love

Love that can be compared to passionate and fusional love, it especially takes into account carnal considerations. The partners then permanently feel an irrepressible physical attraction towards each other, and rarely leave the duvet! Intimate and carnal life is an essential component of the couple (but not compulsory, see platonic love), and this, couples who live a sensual love have very well acquired!

9 / Conflicting love: An explosive form of love

A love that comes into being when the two partners are both endowed with strong characters, but they love each other unconditionally. The couple’s weather barometer often says “Storm warning”, but despite appearances, they are a solid couple: even during their frequent arguments, there is never any question of a real separation. This love can however be difficult to live in the very long term for the balance of the couple because it is certainly not easy!