Here is THE question to ask yourself to find love

Are you looking for great love? What if it was up to you to find it? Indeed, according to an expert, it would be enough to ask the right question to multiply your chances of meeting love, the real one.

Single, are you determined to find your soul mate ? Instead of sifting through all of your potential targets to find out if they have the qualities you expect from the ideal partner , it would be enough to start by asking yourself a simple question, advises Dougall Fraser, sentimental coach at the Huffington Post . A question that he suggests to all his clients to ask themselves: “Would you like to go out with you, there, right away?” . At first glance, this may seem strange, but rest assured, it is obviously not a question of flirting yourself. According to Dougall Fraser, this would simply allow us to discover what type of energy we release.

Love yourself so that others will appreciate us

“We give off a certain type of energy. If we live a passionate and whole life, when we walk on the street, this is how people see us”, explains the coach. Conversely, he specifies that one should not expect the other to come “to complete us”. Likewise, we must ask ourselves: would we want to drink a coffee or share a dinner with us? If the answer is no and you don’t appreciate yourself, “how on earth could a stranger spot our full potential?”. We therefore learn to love ourselves more and to love our life in order to shine more outside and to dazzle our future soul mate for sure.