Here’s how to help a woman go up the hill when nothing is going right

Do the shopping, take care of the housework and meals, help the kids with homework and make sure they are on time for their school, don’t forget to pay the bills, insure at work meetings , do not forget to devote time to the husband and many other endless tasks are now the daily life of the majority of women around the world. Add that to the hormonal changes that take place in the body every month, it is more than normal to see many women on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Gentlemen, if your wife is one of them, reach out to her and help her regain a smile thanks to the precious advice below!

12 things to do to help a collapsing woman:

  1. Be aware of your responsibilities

Whether she is a housewife or having a professional career, a woman always has a colossal daily list of tasks, which far exceeds her capacity in time and energy. That’s why she expects a little bit of appreciation and recognition from you for everything she does for you and your family. A sweet word here and a kind gesture there will make him very happy and give him the strength to give more every day.

  1. Make an effort BEFORE she is overworked

When a woman begins to collapse under the burdens of everyday life, it is already too late for her husband to play the white knights and fly to her aid. A good husband is one who supports his wife day by day and does not let her get burned out.

  1. Participate more actively in your household

Starting a family and making a marriage successful is done in pairs. So do not let your wife carry the burden alone and come to complain afterwards that she is no longer as cheerful and full of energy as when you started. Get rid of certain responsibilities and some household chores and you will see how your contribution will transform your life as a couple.

  1. Hear her talk about her problems, without trying to solve them for her

When your wife tells you about her problems, she is not trying to find a solution for you, but rather to understand and support her. All you have to do is lend her an attentive ear and advise her, if she asks you to do so, because it is by exteriorizing their worries that women manage to get rid of it.

  1. Take her in your arms

Find a moment of tranquility where you can take your wife in your arms and remind her how much you love her and appreciate all her efforts. Let it cry on your shoulder and comfort it. This will help him get rid of his excess negative emotions.

  1. Be Her partner

A partner is one with whom we share not only a house, but also our joys, our misfortunes, our worries, our fears and all our emotions whether positive or negative. So don’t just be the man she’s in touch with , but her lover, friend and confidant who she can count on in the best and the worst.

  1. Give her hope

When a woman is exhausted, she begins to mop up. She believes that everything she does is not enough and that she does not measure up. However, by encouraging and valuing his efforts, you give him courage and hope in better days. Above all, avoid criticizing it for trivialities and focus on what it does well and not vice versa.

  1. Be helpful and ask what you can do to help them

Look around and find what you can do: a running tap, a broken piece of furniture, dishes lying around in the sink … Do what you can without waiting for it to ask you (several times). If you don’t see anything, just ask. Just knowing that you care for her will improve her mood.

  1. Help her have a day just for her

Spending a little time is essential to recharge your batteries and feel better. So do not hesitate to take over, let the children out and let your wife bask in a good hot bath or go and get a makeover in the salon. These small routine changes restore her self-confidence and improve her morale.

  1. Pray for her

In the evening, before going to sleep, hold your wife’s hand and pray to God together. Tell her how much you love your sweetheart and ask her to give her more strength and help you be a better husband for her.