Here’s the proof that he still has feelings for his ex, according to his zodiac sign

For some signs of the zodiac, recovering from a relationship with an ex is easier than others. And to know if your partner has not yet forgotten his ex, here is what shows it according to his zodiac sign!


Aries plays the classic hypocrite when he still has feelings for his ex. He will do everything possible to tell you that he no longer thinks of her. But that does not mean that’s what he really feels. If he always talks about her, or keeps saying bad things about him, he can not forget it.


Taurus can say that he does not think of her, that he does not speak to her, and that he is totally happy with the relationship he has with you. Except that she is still in her contacts, and is one of her friends on social networks. If you ask him to delete it, he could do it. But if he gives excuses not to do it, it’s because he still has feelings for her.


When everything is right for a Gemini relationship, he has absolutely no problem talking healthy about his past. It means you are so much better for him. If he talks too much about his ex, or not at all, then he has not forgotten it yet as he claims. Anyway, if the way he talks about his ex makes you uncomfortable, it’s probably not a good sign.


Cancer is struggling to recover from its relationships with its ex. He does not like to break up with someone who is important to him because it is very hard for his heart. He could still answer his ex’s text messages or act as if he did not want to break his heart, but these are just excuses. It is better not to get too involved with him until he proves that she is no longer in his life.


Leo has a busy social life, which means his social media feeds are still exploding. And that means he has a lot of friends online, and it’s possible that a few of them are ex. So if he still flirts with them and stays connected on social networks, then it’s not over between them.


The Virgo sign likes to have a very united group formed by members of her family and friends, but he always crosses a line when he tries to get his ex into this inner circle, because he needs time to recover memories he had with her.

The holidays are his chance to spend time with the people with whom he is closest, including you, to try to forget his memories with his ex.


It does not seem that the sign of Libra still has feelings for his ex, but if you look closer, you will realize that everything is in the way he acts. The new relationships are all new habits, but the Libra is too steeped in her ex, she wants to keep the old habits he had with her.


The Scorpion is a very loyal partner and when he breaks up with someone he feels like he’s losing a part of himself. When a Scorpion still has feelings for his ex, he tends to become jealous whenever he hears about her or when he sees her in public. He might try to ignore it, but in reality, he always feels something for her.


If Sagittarius is friends with his ex, then he still has feelings for her. While Sagittarius is friendly with just about everyone, there is certainly a difference between being polite to an ex and dating her again. When Sagittarius stays with someone, it’s because there is something they share that they do not want to lose.


When Capricorn goes out with someone, his partner’s family begins to become like his family. So when they break up, the breakup is tough for him because he has to make more effort to forget his ex and his family to which he is attached. It can also hardly refuse to share for example a meal with the latter.


It’s hard to say if an Aquarius still has feelings for his ex because he’s always friendly with people he knows. In fact, he could even tell you that he meets his ex in public. If he still has feelings for his ex, you will know how he reacts to help her when she needs it.


Pisces is a very sentimental man who has trouble recovering from his ex. When Pisces still has feelings for his ex, he tends to keep his belongings long after she leaves such as pictures of them, or some of his personal belongings. This is a sign that he still has feelings for her.