Here’s the secret to being zen and in love

The secret to feeling fully relaxed is to simply sleep in the arms of your loved one, as we learned from a recent study. Shall we take the test this evening?

Not only is it pleasant, reassuring and hugs tighten the emotional bonds within the couple, but, according to an American study, sleeping while hugging our other half would also be very good for our health.

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania have discovered that sleeping in our man’s arms would lower our level of cortisol, commonly known as the “stress hormone” in our blood. This hormone is responsible for heart disease , depression and the breakdown of our immune defenses. This drop in cortisol could be explained, according to the researchers, by the fact that in the arms of our loved one, we would feel more reassured, secure and relaxed.

And if there is a little kiss before and it would be a sign that our relationship is based on love and trust. Enough to make our cortisol threshold drop a little more. Besides, scientists have also found that sleeping entwined makes it possible to produce oxytocin, better known under the name of “the love hormone”. Good for the couple therefore, it also serves to boost our immune system and improve our digestive system. We fall asleep as peaceful as we want and wake up in love as on the first day. In any case, it makes you want to try this evening!