Here’s why awesome women often make the worst encounters

You are in a relationship and your partner can not do enough for you? You are then part of the women who have the chance to live a beautiful love story. This luck is not the preserve of other women who chained relationship chaotic after another. Yet they are beautiful, intelligent and even brilliant. You want to understand why so many disappointments in love? Read this article.

  1. They are intimidating

Some men do not know how to handle intimidating women, let alone when it comes to a serious relationship. They think they are ferocious and hard when in fact they are not. This kind of man is actually just scared and prefers to have a partner over whom he has more power.

  1. They are independent and will not sacrifice that for anyone

Naturally, some men have a rather dominant and protective character, which tends to impact enormously their ego. If an insecure man feels you do not need him, then his self-esteem tends to go down. The fact that it has something to do with his self-esteem may be beyond comprehension, but that’s the reality. Many men like to feel that their partner depends on them. If this is not the case, then it is the break. 

  1. They repel the bad guys 

By default, these women can remotely detect any trace of toxic behavior, and in return, they end up frightening men before they even have a chance. Most of them tend to think of it as a good thing, but sometimes it may drive away men who are worth it. It is a policy of non-tolerance that some women develop to protect themselves.

  1. They easily detect lies

It is really very difficult to hide something from these women because they know how to read between the lines. They can easily spot the lies and nonsense that some men are used to saying or doing. This is certainly an advantage, but it can often scare men because no one would want a woman to know absolutely everything he does or malignancy? 

  1. They are a bit weird

Awesome women always have a weird side. The most inspiring women have that unique character that is sometimes hard to understand, but that’s what makes them so incredible. Some men have trouble with these women who are often unpredictable and who do what they want when they want without worrying about each other. What is certain is that they do not need a man to approve them.

  1. They can be very difficult because they know their value

Women who are super tough are not judgmental, they just know what they want and do not just throw themselves into the arms of the first comer. Men who are true, honest and who really love and understand them are the only ones they will accept, otherwise it is instant rejection.

  1. They are intense

Intensity is something that can be taken very negatively, and sometimes these women have little control over it. They are intense in love and even in the way they communicate. They do not hesitate to share what they feel and it can be overwhelming for a man who is a little more conservative. 

  1. They have real goals

Strong women usually focus on more important things than finding love. Their motivation when they wake up in the morning is certainly not to meet Prince Charming. A motivated woman will focus instead on improving her own life with things that make a difference, such as learning, traveling and maintaining a strong career.

  1. They are much more mature than most women

Women who have a strong mind, a good attitude and a certain way of embodying a rare maturity of their kind. They do not care about trivia or the eyes of others. They do not wait for others to flirt or flatter them. They love who they are and any man who shows immaturity will have no chance.

  1. They like the most intensely

These women can be intimidating, independent, bold and strong, but they love with all their heart. They will be proud of their relationship and will make every effort to make it work, which can sometimes be overwhelming. Only strong men can handle this kind of love.

  1. They are what men have trouble finding

It’s actually the men who have a hard time finding incredible women, because they are like rough diamonds. You can only find them when you fix them very hard and you have the same high standards as they do. Once a man kisses an uncommon woman, he will never be able to take an interest in anyone else.