How can you be sure she is in love with you?

Apparently, you are also plagued by uncertainty: does she really love me, or is it just friendship between us? And how do I know she loves me? In this article, I want to show you the most important signs by which you can tell if she likes you. Learn to understand the secret language of women with my tips! The big tip: if you know where you stand with her, you can plan your next steps much better.

By the way: in the past, it always drove me a little crazy not knowing what the opposite gender was all about. Does she love me or not? This question did not let me sleep at night, when I, too, was madly in love with her. And openly asking about her feelings – that was out of the question for me. The fear of rejection was very great … In addition, this question discourages girls, as I will show you.

Why a Woman Never Says “I Love You” Quickly

Everything could be so uncomplicated: women tell us their feelings over a walk or a glass of wine … and invite us directly to men to kiss them. Hey, the relationship is perfect! Unfortunately, the love game doesn’t work that simply. A girl usually won’t tell you what she’s thinking and feeling. Even a question like  “What is between us”  or  “Do you love me?” It doesn’t go down very well with women.

But, why? Couldn’t it be so much easier? Unfortunately, the reality looks different: as a man, women expect you to be attentive enough and recognize their flirting signals when you sit face to face in a meeting (for example, in a cafe). She also wants you to be brave enough when she gives you the “go-ahead” sign and then take it to the next step.

Is she in love with me? How can you tell she likes you?

Therefore, in 99% of cases,  you will not hear a  clear “I love you”  from women. So how can I tell if she loves me and is open to a relationship? You will surely ask yourself this now. The mind-reading machine has yet to be invented… Fortunately, the situation is not that difficult if you approach dating with open eyes. There are some clear signs that you can tell she loves you.

You don’t have to take an online quiz to find out how much they love you. I’ll give you some surefire signs that you can tell if she’s in love with you – or if you’re just a good friend to her. If you follow my tips and develop the right eye for your flirting signals, you’ll be able to read your feelings like an open book – we promise!

The surest signs: You can tell by her body language if she’s in love

Famous body language expert Samy Molcho once said,  “The tongue can lie, the body never!”  I think that’s correct. So, based on the woman’s gestures and facial expressions, you can pretty much see if she likes you and wants a relationship. The following signs reveal if she is into you:

  • Your posture is generally open (e.g. no arms crossed over the chest)
  • She smiles at you a lot and laughs a lot
  • She looks you right in the eyes
  • During the conversation, she leans toward you
  • Standing, she crosses her legs (  message: “There is no reason to run away, I trust you!”  )
  • She runs her fingers through her hair
  • She touches you in conversation
  • Your face turns red
  • Comes physically close to you when you sit or stand
  • She tilts her head (on her neck or shoulder) and exposes her neck (like in the vampire movie…)
  • Your gaze wanders back and forth between your eyes and your mouth (the so-called triangle gaze)
  • She wears tight-fitting clothes that hug her body and show off her attractive curves.
  • She usually tries to look pretty for you and wears more makeup than usual.
  • She grabs your hands / want to hold hands
  • She throws some punches in a playful way (e.g. light shoulder boxing)
  • She kisses you on the cheek

These are all signs that you can spot an interest. Pay attention the next time you see her! But how do you know if she loves you if you aren’t sitting across from each other? There are other symbols for this:

1. Does she keep in touch with you?

Whether it’s a call, or via social media: if she usually takes the initiative and contacts you by phone or texting you, that’s a good sign. It shows that she thinks about you, misses you, and wants to know what you’re like. With her interest, however, she probably hopes to meet in secret – so arrange a date with her instead of just writing or talking on the phone for days!

2. She is jealous of other women

Jealousy is a good test of whether she loves you or doesn’t care. Because if she really is in love with you, she’ll get jealous when you talk to other women (or even meet them). She doesn’t have to experience it firsthand and live. The next time you see her, casually say that you did something with a good friend yesterday… and watch how she reacts!

3. She asks a lot of questions and wants to know more about you

As soon as we become interested in another person as a partner, we are curious and would like to know everything about them. This is especially true for women: when they are in love, they are very curious and ask you for holes in their stomachs. A little tip: make it a game by not answering every question right away, but playfully avoiding it.

4. You are an important conversation topic for them

This has happened to me many times: I know a girl who has never shown a particular interest in me before. All of a sudden, I found around three corners of my circle of friends that she was talking about me here and there. This is not malicious gossip. It just goes to show that you seem like an important topic of conversation for her and that she is busy with her life. Why else should she talk so much about you?

5. She reliably keeps agreements

Many men are tired of these pranks: date cancellations happen out of the blue, she doesn’t respond and she has a thousand excuses. A woman who truly loves you will move heaven and earth to see you again and be close to you. But if she doesn’t get in touch for days or keeps canceling meetings, she might not care about you. It’s best to end contact quickly to avoid heartache.

6. She tests you with mean leading questions

When flirting and dating, you can be prepared for the fact that interested women will more often subject you to a short test. What do I mean by this? With this “love inspection”, girls want to know if you are really a strong man and have the qualities they want in a partner. Who buys the proverbial pig in a poke? That’s why they will ask leading questions and other psychological traps to put you to the test.

For example:

  • “Yesterday I met Max, a really nice guy” (  means: she wants to test if you react jealously to other men  )
  • “Please go to the waiter and ask him about salt and pepper” (  means: she checks if you are too kind and does you all the favors  )
  • “Why are you always late?” (  She blames you to see how you react to stress  )
  • And much more

Warning: a test like this is always a good sign that someone is interested in you – believe it or not. Now you just need to have some quick answers ready…

7. She wants to see you alone – like on a date

It has often happened to me that my friend friends just wanted to meet other friends – it shouldn’t feel like a date. But if she wants to do something alone with you, it’s a clear sign that she sees you as a potential partner. She’s on a date and wants to enjoy her undisturbed time with you so you can get closer.

8. She is doing you favors more often

We would like to lay the world at our feet for the people we love. This is not just the case with men, but also the opposite with girls. You can also tell if she loves you by her willingness to make sacrifices and small gifts: for example, does she cook you a meal, give you gifts, or invite you to the movies? So the odds aren’t bad at all.

9. She takes time for common hobbies

Disinterested women like to make up excuses for turning down dates. But if she does a lot with you despite little free time and enjoys joint activities, it’s a clear sign that she likes you. It is important for the Lays to be able to experience exciting adventures with the man and surf the same wave as him. Otherwise, why should she sacrifice her precious time for you?

10. She trusts you with her secrets

Do you have a lot to say about it? Trust is anything and everything if we want to get closer to another person. If it reveals very personal things to you that no one else learns from your environment, that’s almost the big hit. It just shows that you are very close and that she trusts that your secrets are safe with her.

11. She speaks of a common future

No, I don’t mean requests like “Marry me!” Or “I want your child!”. As I said, women are not so straightforward. But many times I have seen girls drop little hints – reading between the lines is essential! For example, a good friend once said to me: “Imagine if we lived together in a row house, like real philistines!” Warning: There may be more behind these claims…

Finally: does she really love me or is this just friendship?

Beware: Especially in today’s female empowerment times, you can never be sure whether girls are in love or are just looking for a good friendship. You’ve probably already noticed that: Many women like to surround themselves with men, are nice to them – and in the end, you are just a good friend. The danger of misinterpreting your behavior is great, especially when you are in love with your rose-colored glasses.

But do not worry! I can tell you one thing for sure: the more of the above flirting signs you recognize, the more certain you’ll be that she really loves you. Also, don’t just watch and wait for your crush signs to find answers. You have to actively flirt with her so that you can draw her in a little bit and elicit a clear reaction. For example:

  • Make an appointment! Does she accept and come on time for the meeting? Or does she hesitate and make excuses?
  • Touch it! Does she give in to these touches or withdraw?
  • Give her clear praise! Does she smile and feel flattered or is that uncomfortable?

Based on her reactions, you can test for sure and see if she loves you. Try! I wish you much success in your search for love.