How do you confess your feelings to her when you’re in love with someone? Being in love is a great feeling and so disturbing, we, therefore, feel palpitations, we feel strong and life is suddenly more beautiful, we then feel a surge of freshness and cheerfulness that captivates us … This feeling changes our lives and our daily life. From morning to night we only think about him or her, we no longer control anything and an objective becomes our priority: how to confess his feelings to him or her?


We dream of this person all night, from sunrise to sunset, this person is in all our dreams, all our thoughts, and this at all times of the day, nothing else matters but this loved one who makes us dream and to whom we would like to tell him that we love him.

Confessing your love to her then becomes a need, a priority, but how do you do it? Other questions then come to mind, is this person already in a relationship? How will she react if I dare to tell her that I love her? What will I do if this woman or man doesn’t love me? How do I confess to him, tell him? Should I send him flowers to this woman who makes me dream so much or just a little handwritten note to this man who I think so much about? So many questions that may arise when you feel in love with someone in secret without them knowing it …


Not easy to face your fears and anxieties of a possible refusal on the part of the being you cherish in secret. And yet you will have to do it at the risk of regretting it! Indeed, admitting to him that we love him, even if it is not an easy thing is essential. For several reasons:

– the regrets, will eventually appear sooner or later, imagine that you do not take the first step, and that a few weeks later you learn that this person has just formed a couple when he was free just before. This lost opportunity may well frustrate you!

– Maybe this person loves you too, but doesn’t dare tell you and show it to you. That would be a shame, wouldn’t it?

– What have you got to lose? Other than a “no” you won’t waste money, time, etc.

– Even if this person makes you understand that he is not ready for whatever reasons, he knows deep down that someone is thinking of him and is ready to invest in love and have good things feelings towards her, which gives you a chance to conquer her over time.

– If you like him, you will win everything, and will be happy to be in a relationship and will finally be able to live love with the person so coveted!


Should we just say “I love you”? First of all, a few demonstrative gestures, but without exaggeration, will make him or her understand that he or she is not indifferent to you! Be direct and a little eye-to-eye chat, confessing candidly, and opening up to him will only show him your courage and honesty, which is definitely a good point for you. In this, it is obvious that one should not go through a friend or a “friend” to confess to him, that would risk having the opposite effect!

Take the time to think about it, there is no point in rushing us more, you could be indelicate in wanting to go too fast and rush him or her, which does not benefit you in your approach. Choose the right place, avoid being with several people, this might embarrass that person, and a refusal in public is never pleasant, unless your future love has accepted and would then make your step “public” for a while. which people will never forget, but it’s still risky, unless you are sure of yourself!

Wait for the right time, don’t do it if you feel that person is tired, upset, or stressed. It is obvious that she is not ready for this kind of discussion then and you may regret it. If your dear and loving one is sad for whatever reason, don’t go, wait until you know she has received good news, see if she is open to discussing serious things with you, confessing her feelings to her is then easier, and it gives you a better chance of success.


There are obviously no miracle solutions, you do not control the situation and you are dependent on his opinion, his reaction, his feelings. However, prepare the ground well, how to tell her that you love her, find the right place to confess your love to her, and choose the right time to confess your feelings to her, as well as explain to her what you like about this woman. person, is very important in order to make him understand the importance of your approach.

On the contrary, not confessing your feelings to him can lead you to feel frustrations, jealousy, regrets and who knows maybe you will live a great love story, thanks to this approach you may live with the man or woman of your life?