How do I know if he likes me ?

You fell in love with a man. Not a single second goes by without a thought for him, you have weak legs and butterflies in your stomach … But you wonder if this attraction is reciprocal. Discover all the signs that never lie.

How do I know if she likes me without talking to her?

The first thing to do to know if a man likes you is to observe him. Some signs are not mistaken, starting with the look. If he spends his time watching you, that’s a pretty good sign. Be discreet, but watch his pupils. If they are dilated, it is an undeniable sign of attraction. It seems that a man’s pupils can multiply their size by 4 if he is conquered. The look usually betrays the feelings. The voice is also a good indicator to perceive the interest and the desire in the other. A man who speaks loudly with rapid flow seeks to show that he has confidence in himself. The deep and soft voices have the will to establish a calm and intimate atmosphere ideal to seduce.

How to spot gestures that evoke attraction?

Certain gestures can easily reflect a certain attraction. He can try by all means to get physically closer to you, by touching your arm, by placing his hand on your thigh, by speaking very close to you. To capture your attention, he will not hesitate to stand right in front of you during a conversation. It is advisable to be vigilant with this kind of gesture. Some men are particularly tactile and like the game of seduction. These kind of men are not particularly interested in you, but in all the fairer s**x.

What are the behaviors that can mean that he likes me?

After observing his eyes, his voice and his gestures, make room for the most important with his behavior. In love, certain behaviors are universal. The first is the interest that the other will bring you. If he likes you, he will want to get closer to you physically, but also emotionally. He will be curious when asking you about personal things and he will show interest in your family and friends. He may also be particularly flattering by showering you with compliments.

Some shy men play the friendship card to get closer to their loved one. They may even go so far as to say that they have never had a friend like this. This tactic is ideal for a smooth reconciliation. Note that a conquered man will not hesitate to protect you by all means, whatever the situation.