How do I know if he likes me ?

How do I know if he likes me?  We all asked ourselves the question.

It is not easy to determine if the man on whom we have viewed is as enthusiastic as us, especially when the opinions of our girlfriends are always different from each other (even beside the plate).

To help you see more clearly and to know if your interest is mutual, here are 3 unmistakable signs.

1. Know if I like him: his body language betrays him

Body language is the set of non-verbal messages sent to you by your interlocutors. That is to say? You will understand, “body language” means “body language” in English.

When we are interested in someone, we communicate much more information to them through our gestures than through our words.

If your Apollo looks you in the eye, touches your arm, hand, shoulder, passes your hand behind your back, leans towards you to speak to you or smiles at you with all his teeth, there is a good chance for that you do not leave indifferent…

2. Know if I like him: He is too interested in me to be as candid as he seems…

It is a fact, when we meet new people, we try to take a minimum interest in their lives, the question of good manners.

But if the man you are watching has a genuine interest in what you say, bounces back on certain details, or asks more and more specific questions, chances are it is not just a question of politeness!

It is an obvious sign of interest.

3. Know if I like him: does he behave differently with you than with others?

If you have met the man you covet while he was with his group of friends, you must have noticed: a man in his natural environment and in the company of his fellows rarely behaves like the ideal companion …

And if he is not interested in you, he will adopt exactly the same behavior with you.

On the other hand, if he cares, if he listens to you attentively and treats you with distinction, it is because you have hit the jackpot.

On the other hand, if he gives you big slaps on the back and tells you about the last time he ended up lying in the gutter after a drink…

How do I know if he likes me? : a story of interpretation?

Be careful, I gave you 3 signs that allow you to determine if your interest in a man is mutual, but these signs are to be taken with tweezers.

Sign stories often find their solution not in the translation of what men do, but in what women are willing to deduce.

Some people are very sensitive to signs and sometimes tend to over-interpret.

In college, a friend had made a fixation on a guy because he had touched his arm quite accidentally.

Teasing, awkwardness, or coincidence are all reasons to go headlong to hit on a guy … before realizing that we were wrong.

How to avoid it? Do you feel like a guy is going crazy? Ok, no worries, but let it come a bit, don’t reveal yourself.

Just imagine that you are adding a pre-stage to the game of seduction. Another sign, a rise in intensity, a game that is taking hold…

Wait until you accumulate a compelling body of evidence before you take the plunge. Not only will your chances of success be multiplied, but your suitor will be perfectly ripe!