How do I know if he loves me ?

When you start a new relationship, it can be difficult to notice the signs of true and deep love. Because very often at first, these things do not go through words, but rather through a multitude of small gestures seemingly harmless, but which speak volumes about his feelings towards you … So, how do you know if loves me ? If he is ready to consider a long relationship with you?

The signs that he loves you

He loves to look you in the eye.

He appreciates every little moment spent with you; and testify to it with small gestures.

You can count on him to send you regular SMS messages, without you even sending him!

He loves being with you himself, and showing aspects of his personality that no one else knows!

He treats you with respect.

He never tires of knowing more about you.

He enjoys spending time with you, whatever you do.

You are arguing no doubt … But he hates it at least as much as you do, and on the contrary, loves to be reconciled with you!

He likes to be jealous when someone pretends to show any interest in you. And he likes to overplay it!

He loves you just as naked as he is dressed. And this, whatever the time of day. Even on waking, disheveled, a doubtful breath, not made up, eyes numb with fatigue …

You may not play especially the damsel in distress, it will still come to your rescue, whether it is to do the dishes, hunt a spider, or comfort you.

At each moment spent with you, he will manage to give you at least one big hug.

He loves to play with you, go crazy and go back to childhood.

He keeps saying “we” instead of “I” and “you”. Without him noticing it more!

He loves to introduce you to his family, his different circles of friends. And you get bored so that you meet them all!

He regularly talks about your future for both of you with stars in your eyes.

He listens to you attentively, without looking at his phone for example.

He is happy when you are happy. And sad when you have grief.

It projects easily with you and tells you about future plans.

He can forgive you when you need to.