How do you know if I’m in love or just on a whim?

Have you woken up one day feeling a different love for someone you know? Maybe you are in love, or maybe only passing emotions are moving through you.

Love has many levels and many forms. Which is why it is important to know how to identify when we are really in love with someone, or it is just a whim for having it and that’s it. Knowing how to differentiate these kinds of things is important to avoid being disappointed in love and suffering. Have you been feeling attracted to a guy but you don’t know if you’re really in love ? Find out here with us.

How do I know if I’m in love with a friend or is it just a whim?

Many times it happens that we are inexplicably attracted to our best friend , when the truth is that we are only going through a whim. In which we desperately need to feel loved and wanted by someone special, and by feeling that kind of affection for our friend, we misinterpret things.

To really know if you are in love with a friend, you will have to evaluate what the relationship between the two of you is like. Is there some kind of brush or hint to be more than friends? A test to know if you are in love requires a personal questioning.

With what you answer you will give yourself an idea if there is really love or it is just a whim. Because seeing things where there are none, and trying to force a situation that is not really happening, is a whim. Instead, when a crush is developing, the kinds of situations need to present itself for it to happen. For example, very special treatment, signs of romantic love..

So if you think that you are in love with your best friend just because you want to feel some love, you better calm your thoughts and feelings and come back to reality. The best way to do this is to meditate and focus on reality. Do not see things where there are none, and do not insist on creating romantic love where there is only family or friendly love. You can spoil the friendship!

How does a person in love act? How do I know if I am?

When you fall in love with someone it  is very easy to tell by the way you start to act. Above all, by the fact that you do not stop thinking about him and you find yourself dreaming in all the moments they live. However, the infatuation must be based on real events and not on illusions.

So, to discover when you fall in love with someone, you must know that the circumstances existed for you to be. For example, romantic and risque encounters with that special someone. Treats out of the ordinary, exchange of kisses, caresses and romantic details.

Showing interest is very important! The interest that a friend can show for you is not the same that someone who is in love with you will show. So if you ask yourself,  what does true love feel like? You feel it in the feeling of warmth and tranquility that embraces you when you are with that special person.

However, while you feel at home, you can’t help but feel the butterflies in your stomach every time you look at it. You feel like you sigh inadvertently every time you see it, and of course, it starts to show up in the future of your life . Starting from there, you will be able to differentiate between caprice and true infatuation.

What are the differences between being in love and a fad?

Being in love and being in front of a whim is often confused because in general the same emotions are generated. But how do you really know if it is love or not? We show you some differences so that you can analyze what you are feeling and deduce what is really happening inside you.

  • Absorb your thought : The person for whom you are feeling emotions occupies your thought most of the time, you cannot think of anything other than her and you yearn to maintain close contact. The thoughts do not have to be precisely of love, if you have had an argument or maybe you are doing something that you do not like, you think about it constantly over and over again.
  • Alteration of reality: When you are in a whim you often tend to idealize the person and end up falling in love not with her but with the characteristics that you have drawn, with this you alter the reality of what this person is.

You think that by his side everything is better or almost perfect, that he has things that make you a better person, that if he leaves your life is empty and aimless, etc.

  • Physical attraction: Physical attraction is very strong when you have a whim. You may not like the attitude and personality of the person, that it has many details that if you think about it you would not fall in love and many times you think about what are you doing with it? But when you have physical contact or you think about it, you just forget everything else and take a back seat.
  • Fear of abandonment : This point goes very hand in hand with manipulation. You idealize the person so much that you can no longer imagine being without them and you want to always have them close and in control. All this for fear that he will leave and that you no longer feel the wonderful things that you are feeling by his side. So you do everything possible to keep it with you, until you change many things about yourself that under normal conditions you would never change.
  • Time : Time totally differentiates a fad from a true love. And it is because true love needs time to discover itself, people must get to know each other, go through adversity and stay on their feet, tolerate each other in many ways and continue to feel appreciation and desire to continue after all this.

The whim does not last over time and if it does it causes more pain than happiness.

What is love? Symptoms that you are in love or in love with someone

When you ask yourself  , how do you know if I’m in love with someone I don’t know? You must already realize that this is not love. Since it is impossible for you to truly fall in love with someone you do not know. That’s just whim based on illusions. And it will never come to anything.

Contrary to true love, where emotions demand to be felt and lived. How could you know if it’s really love if you haven’t experienced it yet? Is it possible to fall in love with someone you have not seen? Well for this we must know if we really feel something for them. And take these symptoms into account.

  • You don’t stop thinking about him or her.
  • Every time they are together , time passes very quickly. 
  • When he hugs you or kisses you, you feel many mixed feelings.
  • You love to see him happy .
  • You find yourself doing a lot of things for them.
  • You realize that everything is unconditional.

If you feel this, it is most likely love:

Some signs exist with which you can deduce that you feel love, the main one is detachment . When you love, you have no desire to tie or control anyone, you just admire seeing it shine and grow, you feel happy with it and this makes a lot of difference because feeling love will always make you happy.

Now, apart from that you can feel:

Usually you show your vulnerable side

This happens because you have the need to show yourself transparent , you are not thinking of creating masks to try to be loved or accepted, on the contrary, the person generates so much calm and calm that you can feel free to show yourself as you really are, even when what you show you think makes you weak.

You accept all their strengths and weaknesses

When you feel love you can understand that as humans we are imperfect and that we all have positive and negative things. The virtues and defects form a whole in the person that you like and do not want to change them. Only an empathy grows in you that allows you to understand them.

Of course, before this you have to be very careful because the fact of loving someone does not mean that you have to love yourself less and if the defects of the loved one collide and hurt you, even if you love, it is not the right place to you.

Feelings are constant

Between you there may be dislikes, fights, distances, etc. And despite this the feeling of love remains present after a while.

Perhaps you may think that the person is no longer important to you because they have days without speaking or each one is immersed in their world, but when they meet again they may feel that both are fine with the meeting and there is no pain in them. it.

The feeling of love leads you to want the good for this person and if they come together as a couple, everything goes back to being the same or much better.

Fights have a reason or purpose

This point is quite important because the fights and arguments that arise are due to a valid and specific cause. And not only that, the resolution of the fight is satisfactory , that is, together they seek a common goal in which both are happy and work with the purpose of improving and not making the same mistakes.

They have a very strong bond

This is a good manifestation of love, when you love problems and difficult situations help the relationship to become stronger and more stable. This is because they work as a team to solve faults.

And the most important thing about all this is that both are sincere both with themselves and with the other, that is, if they want to continue with the relationship they dedicate themselves to it or if they want to pause and distance themselves, they also work on it.

Honesty has an important factor that can be seen in a relationship full of stability and strength.

Your happiness is very important to you

Love is not selfish, the happiness of the other person is important even if it is not by our side. It is about being merciful from our own mercy, that is, when there is love the person wants to make the other person happy but without exceeding their own limits.

Apart from all this, those things that make the couple happy are celebrated, such as achieving a goal, getting a job or even preparing a new plate of food. Everything that causes happiness in the couple, fills the other with happiness.