How do you know if you’re in love? 6 unmistakable signs

How do you know if you’re in love? The answer to this question can change a whole life… Whether it is your way of interacting with your (potentially future?) Partner, in the projects you will have for the future… It is therefore certainly not a question to take. the slight! Here are a number of criteria that should tell you whether or not you are:

You really are yourself with him/her

You don’t feel like you’re walking on eggs with your darling, trying to avoid judgment. Suddenly, you feel really free to share your joys, your fears, your doubts, your problems … You know that you can confide in you, and conversely, your darling can confide in you without fear of a bad judgment of your go.

You want your friends and family to love this person

More than anything, do you really want this person to be accepted into your family and friendly circle? it’s a sign that you’re starting to get serious about this person, that you’re proud of him/her, and that it’s important for you to have the approval of those around you (even if your feelings will not depend on it, it is always more pleasant to know that you have their “blessing”!)

You are looking forward to this person’s success

Even if you yourself fail! Partners who share a close connection also share the successes of each other’s results, as well as their failures. This is why, if you love yourself, you will see that you will feel pride and positive emotions when you see your sweetheart succeed, even if you did not succeed! Do you feel no bitterness, no bitterness, no jealousy? Likewise, do you enjoy giving, without even needing to receive? These are excellent signs!

He / She misses you when he/she is not there

Often an excellent indicator of love is how much you miss this person due to their absence. If your thoughts can’t help but come back to settle on that person and that, whatever you do, if you feel like a void, a lack when he/she goes away, then look no further, you love for sure

Your attraction is not confined to the physical

Of course the physical is often one of the first criteria to be taken into account. But over time, if a simple physical attraction evolves into a more in-depth assessment of the person; his character, his behavior, his qualities, his faults, his values ​​… If you just enjoy being by this person, if making love with this person is not limited to a satisfactory physical experience, in short, if you share a deeply satisfying emotional and spiritual connection beyond a simple physical connection, so it is certain that the feeling of love is not far away !!

You feel a real connection with him/her

Friendship is different from love. But friendship is a prerequisite for love! Are you laughing and having fun with him/her? Do you like spending time together? Just being together to speak, or to remain silent without being embarrassed? Even with the distance, you feel a real connection? Can’t you imagine there could be a better person than him/her elsewhere? Even if you know that the world is full of amazing people, do you feel that this person is THE person you want to be with? Look no further, for sure, you are in love!