Too late, you regret (or not) but the damage is done. You care so much for your spouse, but’ve had a “slip”, a moment of weakness, the facts are there..You cheated on her, it gnaws at you so much, you just think about it, and you keep repeating in your head “ how can I tell her that I cheated on her?”. Indeed, how to tell her that he was deceived, and his misstep. Do we really have to tell her? Never admitting it is perhaps a solution as long as it is not known, until the day when your everyday accomplice finds out, and there… The world collapses… often for both of them…



Each couple, each relationship between two people being different, some people prefer to keep their “little” secret all their life.  several reasons can explain it: 

1) The one who betrayed, may not have the courage to admit it, simply because his couple is already fragile, and he knows that this mistake would be fatal to his relationship.

2) Certain situations are more favorable than others and allow to cheat on one’s partner without embarrassment and with disconcerting ease. I am thinking of business trips, or in another register a relationship at work or on a school trip, even …

Imagine finding yourself in a situation where you are pretty sure you can cheat on your partner, because you know full well that you will never see this girl or this guy again in your life, and therefore that no one will “sway” you. , coward is not it?

And yet infidelities often arise in these situations, but then what could cause you to confess your faux pas? it’s so much easier not to say anything …

3) Simply out of cowardice, out of selfishness without thinking of the other, they will hide their face and try to stifle or even forget this small gap, because for certain, deceiving once and not starting over again, in the end, is not so serious, and say to themselves “it can happen, right?”

As you will have understood, it is sometimes easy to deceive without being “pinched” and it is sometimes even more so, to say nothing …




1) Others on the other hand, for whom honesty is a principle, for whom lying is impossible, because they do not know how to live with this lie or simply do not know how to lie.


2) Still some are surprised by another person who is aware of his infidelity and who hastens to repeat it and tell it to the spouse “victim” of the betrayal.


3) A final category of individuals, who want their infidelity to break up their relationship, and who have found no other more loyal and honest way than to cheat on their boyfriend or their wife.



Those who will never admit it and who will keep it to themselves all their lives, their conscience, and their guilt await them at the turn! They will have to live with this burden all their lives! And the consequences of all this?

1) their conscience, at all times, will remind them every day how cowardly they are. It will be necessary to live with this bad image that they will have of themselves, their behavior, and their thoughts will be forever changed…. Their partner can then find them strangely often thoughtful to see sad….


2) Their guilt will make them play a role at first, in front of their darling, they may not be themselves anymore, some will even let appear a certain discomfort that is slightly perceptible … with the risk of being unmasked at any time …




This time, that’s it, it’s becoming more and more unbearable, it’s a burden that prevents you from moving forward in your relationship, you know that you are going to be denounced or your guilt is such that you decide to confess that you cheated on her..

But how can I tell her that I cheated on her?

If you are in this case, I have only one advice to give you, tell her as quickly as possible, do it slowly and above all, ACCEPT THE REACTION of the other (which will no doubt be violent or even destructive).

Remember you made a mistake!

Even if your man or girlfriend gets carried away and doesn’t want to see you anymore, don’t force it, here’s the best thing to do:

1) Apologize and say you’re sorry, that’s the least of it!

2) Accept the fact that he (she) cannot see you the first few days, the first weeks, because the person who is betrayed feels a tear, an injury that YOU have caused him/her, so they need not to see you anymore. , so that for her part she can also take stock and find out if he (she) is ready to still love you, despite your betrayal. It is important otherwise the couple will start again on bad bases and risk to collapse very quickly.

3) If you cheated on her because you are no longer sure about your feelings, now is the time to be honest with yourself and with your partner, and make sure that the relationship does not start again, even if the other is ready to take you back.

4) Tell yourself, that if your spouse no longer wants you, the more you will insist that he (she) take you back, the more she will push you away, and the image she has of you will suddenly deteriorate …


Far from me, wanting to give you driving lessons, but I still think that some basic principles, and certain rules of conduct must be taken into account, because it is above all a question of respect for the other!

-> if you think you would be cheating on your spouse in the future, first of all, you should know that: 

– The truth is known (almost); even more often than you think …

– Do you define a course of action, and think about the consequences that this will entail. Do you think that cheating on your partner will solve your relationship problems, make you happier and that you come out stronger? 

– Do you think that “the grass is greener elsewhere” and that when you take action you will really be able to take pleasure? 

– Cheating once is as bad as cheating ten times! 

– Think about the family (your children and loved ones) and financial (comfort of life) consequences that this can entail?

– Do you think that the person who will be deceived really deserves to suffer? Put yourself in the place of the betrayed person, would you like to be done the same?

– I often tell my wife that I would rather leave her than to cheat on her, don’t you think that is more honest than to betray someone?

And you, if you cheated on her, if you haven’t already, when and how do you tell her about your mistake?