How To Attract A Man Emotionally: 15 Subtle Ways

Not knowing how to attract a man emotionally and create a deep connection with him is a difficult situation, especially when you’ve dated him a few times, liked him, and want something more serious.

Try these tips below and you’ll get closer to him emotionally quickly .

How To Attract A Man Emotionally

So… you’ve come to a conclusion that you want a relationship with a deeper and truer emotional connection.

You want more than just a fling with this guy you’re dating and you’re ready for it.

Here’s an exclusive list of what really works to build strong bonds and emotional bonds with an interesting man you’re dating.

Is your goal a lasting relationship? So know how to attract him emotionally.

1. What Are Your Goals?

The first thing to attract a man emotionally is to reflect and then know exactly what you want.

What do you want from a relationship and from a man? In the case of something casual, you don’t have to go through the trouble of creating bonds and bonds.

Now, for something more serious, emotions need to be there.

Emotions help create bonds that naturally hold a man.

2. Don’t Try To Be Someone Else

A common mistake women make is to try to be someone else to conquer a man and the minute that man finds out who you really are, he will take away what little emotion he has already invested in you.

So be yourself.

Why try to work hard to pretend to be someone you’re not, knowing it won’t work?

3. Open Yourself Subtly

Many women play the strategy of playing hard, exaggerate and end up losing what would be an excellent boyfriend and companion.

Show that you are interested in something serious, but not so much.

The secret is to be subtle.

Showing too much interest will seem desperate.

If you don’t show any interest, he’ll understand that you don’t want anything and will walk away.

In other words, be willing to be vulnerable.

You won’t put your heart at risk if it’s too closed.

Neither does he.

When you open up a little bit, he will open up more and you start winning.

4. Be More Affectionate

Both he and you like to receive affection and affection.

This doesn’t mean being glued to him all the time, But touch him on the arm, give him hugs and give him a caress yes… Touch creates oxytocin, the love hormone, which will make him feel attracted to you emotionally.

5. Show That You Are A Confident And Self-Confident Woman

If there is an insecurity that you need to address, address it first.

It is very important to show that you are sure of yourself, with your appearance, your finances, your relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

Show that you can have a peaceful and healthy relationship with him.

Show that you are independent, that you will have a life separate from life together with him and that you are happy with or without him.

6. Don’t Appeal During Stressful Times

It could be that you’ve been together for a while, you know him well and you happen to have a fight.

Don’t give him low blows.

Using his insecurities against him in the heat of a fight will only make him pull away emotionally.

If he has entrusted you with a secret, keep it to yourself.

If you throw things in his face or appeal to something inappropriate, he’ll make sure you’re not a good partner to give in.

7. Talk Deep Matters

I’m not talking about complex issues of the planet and humanity, deep issues are about family, your career, the future you intend to have… always be honest when these issues come up.

Getting to know you on a more personal level this way will make him more attracted to you emotionally.

8. Time With Him Has To Be Quality

To create real emotional connection, it is necessary to spend time with him, to make use of all the elements that attract in a man emotionally described here.

Have fun with him and create opportunities to be with him on a limited, but frequent basis.

This will help build and maintain emotional connection.

9. Find What He Likes

If you want to attract him emotionally, sharing interests is a great idea.

If you know that he likes the fitness life, like dieting and weight training, try to embark on this life, I will also delve into the subject, in case you already live a healthy life.

In time, you will also bring him into your world, like going to church every Sunday.

Ultimately, the two will have a shared life filled with common interests.

10. Look Him In The Eye

Did you know that eye contact also creates emotional connection? When you feel a mood, look deeply into his eyes.

Let non-verbal communication do all the work for you.

11. Know How To Give Attention

To attract a man emotionally, paying attention to him is part of the equation.

Rest assured he’ll give you the attention you want from him once you’ve created an emotional connection.

In the meantime, listen when he is talking.

Turn your face to show your ear to him and lean forward a little.

This is a body language signal that shows you are giving your undivided attention. Don’t forget, of course, that your cell phone needs to be kept in your purse.

12. Accept Your Imperfections

Everyone has flaws.

You may be blinded in love with this man, but know that he’s not perfect either.

Over time you will discover small flaws here and there.

Accept his flaws too.

Give your opinion when he asks and your support when he makes a choice, just don’t judge.

Criticizing, judging and condemning is the recipe for repelling men emotionally.

13. Forget About Superficial Things For Now

Posting a photo of the two of you on Instagram is superficial, doesn’t create an emotional connection, and doesn’t make him emotionally attracted.

It can wait.

If you want relationship, focus on the relationship.

When you realize that you are in a deep connection with this man, you will realize that these superficial things don’t matter.

14. Have Fun

To attract a man emotionally, you have to do things that are attractive.

The main one is to have fun, with and without it, live in the present.

When you’re with him, be in the moment.

No picking up the phone.

15. Don’t Try To Control His Emotions

No one can control a person’s emotions and feelings.

You or a friend of yours must have been through the situation of some controlling ex that the more he pushed the bar, the less attractive he became.

Sometimes you may have an overwhelming desire to have him in your life, but trying to control his emotions won’t work.

What you can do is all these subtle tips outlined here.

The more of these tips you apply, the greater your chances of success.