How to attract your ideal partner?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the reason you’re here today is because you haven’t found your perfect match yet. You want to find someone with whom you can live a harmonious and fulfilling relationship, who shares your values, who loves you and accepts you as you are.

You want all of that and that’s quite normal. I will even go further and say that this is what you deserve and that you should not accept anything less. But if you are unable to attract your ideal partner at the moment, I suspect it is, among other things, for the following reason:

You don’t give yourself permission to be all you really are

Here is what I mean. When you were born, you already had a complete identity; you already had all of your characteristics, your temperament, your talents, your inclinations, your qualities, and your aptitudes. You were born with a unique blend of all of these attributes that never existed before you and will never be duplicated in the same way in the future. This unique cocktail of characteristics that you had at birth is what is called your true self. This is the real you, the totality of who you really are.

Unfortunately, between the time of your birth and now, the integrity of that identity has been affected. There is a part of it that has been forgotten, hidden, buried. Through our desire to be accepted and to integrate into our family and social environment, a sacrifice had to be made. Very young, you learned that when you are different, you are judged, singled out, you are the victim of gossip and backbiting, and sometimes even intimidation and cruelty of all kinds. You have all seen or experienced it in a more or less subtle way. In both cases, you got the message very well.

When a nail sticks out, it quickly gets pushed in

You have therefore done everything not to be the nail that sticks out. You did everything to conform to the norm and be like everyone else. You had no choice, you did what you could to adapt and protect yourself. Unfortunately, during this process, you had to sacrifice important parts of yourself. Everything that made you different, including qualities, talents, fabulous gifts, has been put in the background. I like to call this process the “fading process” or, if you prefer, “the art of turning beige”.

To be “beige” is to be like everyone else, to be normal, not to speak too loudly, not to stand out in any way, in short, it is to be what is expected of us. It is living your life according to the expectations of others. When you’re “beige”, you don’t bother anyone. When you are “beige”, you go under the radar and there is no risk of becoming a target. When we are “beige”, we are left alone. Being “beige” definitely has a lot of advantages. But it also has a huge downside: it steals our life. It robs us of the amazing life we ​​could have if you were to accept to become all that we can be and achieve our full potential. And worst of all, it steals our happiness.

In life, we have to make the choice between being beige or being happy.

When you make the choice to become all that you can be and to align with your true identity, to live in your truth, you can finally attract into your life the right partner or partner for you.

To attract your ideal partner, you must show your true personality

So here’s my recommendation for today: give yourself permission to display your true colors. Give yourself permission to express and experience all of your emotions, to develop all of your talents, to speak what you really think, and to live completely in your truth. Give yourself permission to live courageously so that you can finally find happiness and love.

Your ideal partner is the person who can accept and love you exactly for who you are. If you don’t show your true colors, that person won’t be able to come forward to you, they won’t be able to see the unique wonderful cocktail that you are and fall in love with it.

So go ahead, give yourself permission to shine with all your colors to finally find happiness and love.