How to be a nice and sociable person that people love to be with you

Does it seem that the whole planet is more sociable than? Do you have a hard time getting close to people and making new friends? Didn’t you just understand how being funny and entertaining works?

Do not worry. Being nice is something that many people bring from birth, but that does not mean that it cannot be learned, like any other social skill.

From a very young age, we learn to be sociable. We take the example of the people around us and little by little we become sociable beings and as a general rule, that other people appreciate.

Many people are prone to being unsociable, or perhaps they just lack that spark that naturally entertaining people have. This is not an inconvenience.

All it takes is a bit of an understanding of being entertaining, and what it truly takes to be a person who considers himself entertaining and who naturally loves the whole planet.

It starts with being nice to everyone. For the fact that being funny is not laughing at the rest. The stupidest things would be funny if the planet worked this way. But being fun is not about acting like a clown all the time.

A pleasant person is someone genuinely happy. Someone who uses a situation to do something enjoyable. It is something very spontaneous most of the time.

How to be entertained no matter where you are<>

If you are a person who does not consider himself truly entertaining, there are 2 things you can do.

The first is to understand that you cannot please everyone, so do not feel bad if you feel that you do not please everyone or that they criticize you. The second is to understand that it takes time to become enjoyable. Nothing happens from one day to the next.

Remember that by trying to make yourself enjoyable, you let go of a part of your personality, changing it for something that you can find more captivating.

First, you must change the way you look at the planet. Do not be negative, dare to do more things, and although these do not please you very much, it is possible that they are things that help you prosper. Try to be open and also join the conversations.

Happy and entertaining people always and in all circumstances have a much better life as they have more friends and obviously, people fit in with them more simply and quickly.

After all, nice people continue to be etched into other people’s psyches and bias everyone in their favor.

13 steps to be a pleasant person and please everyone<>

To become a pleasant person whose company everyone appreciates, you need to go little by little and become a better person. So here are ten steps that can help you achieve what you want.

1. Be positive<>

The art of being an entertaining person begins by tenuously changing the angle from which we see things. Always be optimistic and in all circumstances and look for something good in the worst situations and in this way you will develop the ability to be positive in any circumstance.

Positive people are very attractive to others, especially in difficult moments.

2. Have a lively laugh<>

A person with a lively and humorous laugh or a pretty smile on his face when meeting others or going out with friends, scores many points.

We all want to spend time with someone who is smiling and entertaining. If you want to be entertained, you should start by being someone people want to spend time with, whether it’s your smile and friendliness, or your laugh.

3. The kind of company you have<>

Spend time with your friends and meet new people who you think can make you have a good time. The kind of friends you have can change certain of your habits. People learn many things from the people they spend the most time with.

4. Comedy shows<>

Some kind of inspiration always and at all times is good. Watching good comedy series, apart from boosting the mood and entertaining us for a while, helps to streamline your psyche and in this way, being a funny person will be easier.

And when you’re watching a comic series, don’t just look at the funny lines. The way the characters behave, the faces they make or the gestures with their hands can be an inspiration to you.

After all, being funny doesn’t mean just saying funny things. It’s also how you behave that can make a big difference.

5. Some malice  <>

Pleasant people always and in all circumstances have a part of malice in them.

It is not about putting someone’s foot in order to make them fall or laughing at something that is not truly entertaining. Rather take it all with humor.

6. Trust<>

Have confidence in yourself. It is not easy to be pleasant, and it is highly advisable that you like the person you see in the speculum each and every day before trying to please someone else.

If you have confidence in yourself and consider yourself entertaining, other people will also do it. And something really essential is knowing that the more confidence you have in yourself, the simpler it will be to be entertained.

7. Consider that everything is fun<>

Change the way you see the planet. Always and at all times try to find the entertaining side of everything. By doing this, your sense of humor will broaden and you will become spontaneous.

And to truly appreciate the entertaining things in life, you must start by taking everything in a more relaxed way.

8. Read a lot of jokes<>

Jokes and lines from movies or songs can give you ideas that will come out spontaneously in due course. They also help you visualize yourself in better places.

You should not learn these things by heart, just imagine how to use them in certain situations.

9. Work on intonation<>

Know how far to go when talking to someone. Apart from knowing what you are talking about, you have to know exactly when to make a funny thing.

How you say something enjoyable matters more than what you say. Pleasant people always and in all circumstances have an enormous intonation in the talks. They know how to catch those who hear them.

10. Be mysterious<>

As you become more entertaining, people will always and in all circumstances wait for you to have memories of something funny that someone else had said. But you must not really prove that you are funny. On many occasions, when you smile, people will accept that you think of something funny.

It is a basic matter of social mimicry that you can use to your advantage as a little trap.

11. Use the correct pose<>

Not always and in all circumstances should you start the jokes or say something funny when you are with your friends. You can use the simple comments you hear or a question and transform it into something funny.

If someone asks you a question, answer something funny. The worst that can happen is that they do not understand the joke and think that you are really answering.

12. Know your world<>

You must be being aware of what bliss wants to say to you. Entertaining people tend to be entertained by the fact that they are sure of certain answers to serious questions knowing how to distort the idea so that it sounds funny.

We refer to a funny person when he is someone so intelligent to make his answers sound funny without losing the meaning of the talk.

13. Be yourself<>

Add humor to your life and the way you talk, but don’t try to be someone you are not. This can be the biggest mistake a person can make. If you are a generally serious person, don’t make the mistake of becoming someone you are not.

Stay with who you truly are and learn to be entertaining by adding fun and your real SELF to it.