How to be pretty if you think you are not: 9 tips to be more attractive

When you live with a high degree of social anxiety, the root of your self-esteem issues typically manifests itself in the form of auxiliary concerns about your appearance.

Recurring phrases such as “I know I’m ugly” or the incessant fantasies of transforming yourself into an attractive person can become obsessive and distance you from social interactions.

They can even cause inconvenience or misunderstandings with other people and obstruct the freedom with which you will pursue your dreams.

Getting out of doubts about physical appearance is hardly as easy as going outside and asking the first person we meet if they consider us pretty.

Maybe that person says yes and we are not going to believe him, or maybe he says that not only do we not fit into their stereotypes, but that in no way makes us ugly.

So ugliness and physical beauty, as you can imagine, are subjective issues that must do with the particular perception of each person.

Individuals who wonder if they are ugly, as a general rule are persuaded that they are and for this reason they isolate themselves from the rest, just as if they believed that a certain physique is needed to have the right to be happy in society.

Instead of concentrating on how to make themselves more attractive, they alienate themselves and focus on demeaning their appearance, rather than seeing their strengths and virtues.

Differences between men and women

We tend to meditate that physical beauty is an issue that matters much more to women than men, and that self-esteem issues are more common in the female gender.

But the reality is that both men and women are extremely concerned about their appearance and can suffer from low self-esteem in very similar proportions. The only difference is the way society lets them express these concerns.

If you don’t like the way you look, it doesn’t make much sense to just regret it.

If you feel that you are ugly and you would like to change that, instead of meditating that there is nothing you can do to change it, you should consider that beauty is subjective and achieve certain strategies that allow you to appear more beautiful in the eyes of people.

Tips to be more attractive

There are plenty of ways to gradually transfer your personal regard for yourself from “ugly” to “attractive.”

For this, it is essential that you focus on working to build your confidence beyond your physical appearance, since it is in this where the degree of attractiveness of a person truly lies.

Aesthetic stereotypes come and go, but trust always and in all circumstances has been a powerful magnet for each and every one of the people.

1.- Let go of your obsessions

The first step to be truly attractive is to let go of your obsessions regarding your physique because they are only a drag that does not let you exploit your full potential.

If, to serve as an example, you hate your nose, it is time for you to stop doing it and recognize it as part of your unique personality.

Plus, worrying about it will never make you wake up with a different nose one day. And having a bigger or chick nose isn’t really going to influence the way you achieve your dreams.

Although the obsessive concerns of this genre are not easy to leave behind, you can work on a real exercise of acceptance with yourself, part by part, daily, if necessary.

2.- Change your hairstyle

If you have had the exact same hair style forever and in all circumstances, it is a great moment for you to dare to something different and see how very flattering other styles can be for your face.

You can even change the stylist and leave absolutely in his hands and in his knowledge the cut that best suits you. It should not be something radical, from time to time, very subtle interventions cause changes for the good that are quite perceptible.

3.- Renew your wardrobe

Learning to be attractive on the outside has a lot to do with making changes right at that level, as obvious as that may sound.

Many people find that just paying a little attention to the clothes they wear and making certain changes to colors or more flattering cuts radically change the way they see themselves in front of the speculum.

You really don’t have to spend all your savings buying expensive designer clothes, or even follow the trends and trends.

It is enough that one or two afternoons you dedicate yourself to consciously observe how your clothes fit you, preserve what looks best on you, suppress what does not suit you and make certain strategic acquisitions of garments that make you feel comfortable and pretty.

In addition to the difference that the rest will see on the outside, this will help you gain a lot of confidence in yourself and you will begin to project it immediately.

4.- Exercise

A huge number of women are persuaded that they are ugly because they are not the “ideal” size.

In addition to the impossible stereotypes, health will always and at all times be beauty, so if you are overweight, it would be essential to see what leads you to eat more than you need, and to focus that anxiety on some sport discipline that make you prosper your physique and obviously, your self-esteem.

5.- Smile

Think about your current appearance and the expression that your face generally has. Now, compare it to what it looks like when you sketch the best of your smile.

Smiling practically automatically transforms us into more attractive people, it is in our genetic code to interpret the smiles of the rest in a positive way.

So take advantage of this evolutionary advantage in your favor and let your attractant start to float through your smile. Remember that the usual visits to the dentist will leave your smile glowing so that you can share it with the rest without fear.


6.- Improve your posture

Most of us do not take care of our posture, and that makes us look hunched over without realizing it. Seeing ourselves in this way reduces our height and adds kilograms to us on a visual level, so the simple act of standing up or sitting up straight can make you look like a more attractive person. It’s that simple.

7.-Don’t point out your flaws

People who feel ugly often spend their time expressing it out loud with the people around them. Stop doing it, this really does not help at all to the way in which the rest see you because you are only reaffirming a point that you do not like.

Instead, if you don’t feel like your physique is your best weapon, use others. Maybe your intelligence, your sense of humor or your friendliness. Over time, these are attributes that remain in the psyche of others considerably longer than the image of a pretty face.

8.- Find your look

Don’t be afraid to try. Perhaps that purple fringe turns out to be precisely what you needed to feel comfortable, precious, unique and original. When you find that look you like, worry about holding it and don’t be tempted to neglect it.

People who take care of themselves project that they are worthy of love and respect.

9.- Improve your quality of life

If you want to learn to be attractive, you must begin to truly enjoy your life.

With your new hairstyle, and your wardrobe optimized, it’s a great time for you to take advantage of that renewed confidence and dedicate yourself to cultivating the activities that truly fulfill you as a person and increase your self-esteem.

No woman is more precious than one who is talented in what she likes to do, regardless of her physique.