How to be the best girlfriend: 7 ways to get you addicted

An elementary principle in the field of love is that relationships are complicated. How not to be? if two personalities and tastes come together that, no matter how similar they may be, will always leave the couple on the brink of conflict. This is not necessarily bad because opposites attract.

The statistics are in our favor but that is not exactly positive. For every man on the planet there are at least 7 women. Do you really think that everything is said in your relationship?

If you think that your boy will love you, will be faithful and will stay by your side just because he sleeps with you, it is best that you wake up because that does not guarantee anything. Real life is very different from romantic comedies where everyone laughs at the end.

In reality, your boyfriend can leave you for your best friend, your partner will lie to you how many times you allow it and divorces are as common as marriages. This is our context.

If you like the boy and you want him to stay by your side because he really likes you and not for any interest, do not do crazy things like drastically change your appearance and personality or spend money on gifts to get his attention, stay with me I will reveal the 7 most effective tips to be a better girlfriend.

1. Always attentive

Paying attention to the boyfriend is underrated these days and it’s a mistake. Your duty is to show that you care about him and his activities, that you enjoy his company.

Do you find baseball or soccer games boring? It does not matter, you have to accompany him and cheer him on from the stands as if you were a lover of discipline. These moments strengthen the bonds of friendship and love in the relationship.

He will continue to include you in his activities if you show an interest in, for example, his likes for movies, food, or entertainment. You will find that you do not need anyone else in your life.

2. Your friends, your new best friends

Men’s best friends are more than that, they are seen as brothers. You have to win them over to be on your side throughout the relationship.

You must make an effort to know them. Some may be unfriendly, but they will remain your friends, so it will be a mistake to have them as enemies. Giving them the opportunity without judging them, even if there are women in your circle of friends, will be the smartest move.

When you are about to throw in the towel in approaching their irritating friends, if this is the case, remember, for now they have more space in their life than you.

3. Don’t suffocate him

Give him his space. Nobody likes a person who follows, calls and questions throughout the day. Appearing at home without warning you will like it the first time, then it will generate anxiety and fright.

Make yourself desired. Don’t write or call him when he expects you to. This will make him look to you to hear from you. Your patience will run out sooner rather than later if you become one of those women who suffocate their boyfriends.

4. They need your time

Space and time Yes, they need both and you have to respect it.

Don’t cause trouble when he has a men’s night, play and discuss sports or women, yes, women, because that matter is not ruled out when there are only boys in the house. The important thing is that this will not imply betrayal because they only talk, they do not see them, they do not touch them either.

We also have girls’ nights, laugh, and also talk about other men. Let’s not be hypocritical about it. He with his friends, we with our friends, so it will be simple and healthy for the relationship.


5. Trust yourself

Guys fall in love with a confident woman. Please, do not make scenes of heat in the street, less when they are unjustified. Tears, complaints and insecurities will slowly undermine the relationship. When you open your eyes you will have already lost it.

Let her know with decency and elegance that you did not like that look to another woman. Define limits without embarrassing him in front of others.


6. Avoid feeling insecure

Intentionally provoking jealousy is a popular mistake among immature women, because the effect is usually a message to your guy that you no longer like him or that he is not enough for you. You can foster insecurity in your boyfriend.

If your partner doubts your fidelity, he will feel uncomfortable and disappointed in his manhood, therefore, he will begin to meditate on leaving you. Damaging his self-esteem verbally will also take him away from you.


7. Cook him

Men are won over by attention and stomach. How many times have I heard the boys say: she is not as attractive as I would like, but she treats me like a king!

Cook his favorite dish at least once a month and surprise him with exotic foods as many times as you can. Besides that he will notice your interest in pleasing him, he will see how good you are in the kitchen too.

Be smart and win over your mother-in-law too. Ask him what your boyfriend likes and what are those little cooking things that make him smile.

I still don’t know the first man who is upset about coming home and having to smell his favorite dish, the one he ate as a child under Mom and Dad’s coat.