How to conquer a shy and difficult woman, make her feel confident

A girl’s shyness can be seen as a social obstacle. It is not easy at all to relate to a shy girl. How to conquer a shy and difficult woman? First of all it is important that we define what a shy and difficult woman is, then what are the advantages of making them fall in love.

How to know that you are dealing with a shy and fidicile girl

The most important thing is that shy girl do not like the limelight or public places. It is not easy to earn their trust so you have to be very patient.

– They do not like or are not good at eye contact, they utter to look at the ground

– They cross their arms but continue to play with their fingers

– His voice is very soft, you have to get closer to hear them

– They speak very little and close themselves off from the limelight

How to conquer a shy and difficult woman? You have to achieve those barriers with patience. If you are not patient, forget about falling in love with a shy girl, you can get bored.

On the other hand, it must be said that a shy woman, when you earn her trust, can be very funny. If you want an unforgettable moment, make them feel comfortable.

Wanting to conquer a shy woman means a bumpy rough trip

Any strategy to conquer a shy woman has to take into account your patience. At first, you won’t even get him to talk to you unless he gives you his number or an appointment.

For many shy women, it is very important to build barriers to keep men out of their life. Some reasons for this:

– They come from broken families

– They feel deeply insecure

– They have very low self-esteem

– Because of their culture and beliefs

Many shy girls are a hundred times more sensitive than a normal person, so you must respect their way of being. Becoming a shy girl is very difficult.

They feel uncomfortable in any public place. Even if you talk to them they will turn red with embarrassment. Your hands sweat as you make new interactions with people.

How to conquer a shy and difficult woman: Balance yourself with her energy

The first thing to do to conquer a shy woman is to turn to your sensitivity and balance yourself with her energy. You have to be very empathetic, feel in their shoes in the right way.

Behaving as a shy person behaves will make it easier for you to connect with them even if they are not friends. A shy girl will trust and feel more comfortable with someone who looks like her.

What to do to conquer a shy and difficult woman? It reflects their body language, movements, energy, and eye contact. Connect with her instinctively, feeling.

You have to learn to balance your energy and at the same time be attractive. If you approach with an outgoing personality you will scare her.

Earn the trust of a shy girl by feeling comfortable

If you like a shy girl you will have to learn to feel comfortable with a new way of behavior. At first, you are going to feel very strange acting at a very low profile.

Sometimes you will feel unsure whether he likes you or not. For example, he will avoid you as if he rejected you, but it does not mean that he does not like you. It’s just her way of being, shy, embarrassed.

So just get comfortable with yourself and her. It will take time for you to gain confidence and open up. Moments of silence more than normal are part of that way of being.

How to conquer a shy and difficult woman to make her your girlfriend:

– Smile quietly, friendly, warm, and discreetly funny

– Do not impose your character or your beliefs. The less threatening to your comfort zone, the better

– Your manner, tone of voice, body movements, and confidence should be low energy

– Do not invade her personal space, no physical contact, the first thing is to make her feel comfortable

Learn to have an entertaining and interesting conversation to win her heart

Contrary to outgoing women, shy women don’t talk much. At least until they gain confidence and feel secure in your company.

Therefore, the best way to win over a shy woman is by carrying the load of the conversation. You will have to learn to tell stories that pique their interest.

What to talk to a shy girl to win her over? Talk about topics that you are proficient and passionate about. You have to be a person who appreciates the little things in your life.

How to conquer a shy and difficult woman: Talk about yourself, learn to laugh at your mistakes. Always attentive to whether she wants to talk.

Share your story without forgetting your weak, funny, or ridiculous moments. Anything that helps you feel comfortable with yourself and helps her gain confidence.

How to conquer a shy and difficult girl: Be very honest with her

There is no point playing with the heart of a shy girl. First, because no girl deserves it, and second because what sense does it make to spend so much time being dishonest with her.

Sit down with her to see the images on your phone without any restrictions. Show him your photos. That will help her get to know you better and make her feel closer and more comfortable.

You can also sit very close to her which increases the interaction. Ask simple and basic questions, What do you do on your most fun day? Do you have brothers? What is your best friend’s name?

Only after you’ve gained their trust do you start joking

A tip to winning a shy girl: Only when you feel that she opens up smiling a little and telling you her things, it is time to climb.

The best way to win over a shy and difficult woman is by waiting for that magical moment of mutual trust.

– He jokes with subtlety and without much noise. You can touch it gently, but start slowly and observe how it reacts.

– If she doesn’t react positively, back off, you’ll have to wait for a better opportunity

– When she reacts positively to your jokes and friction, invite her to go out to more private places and stay more fun and close

– Always back off if she reacts negatively, and never challenge her to be more outgoing

– At all times be a gentleman, because a single mistake and she will reject you with no possibility of return

So what to do to win over a shy woman? Balance your behavior and energy. Then give him time to build up his confidence and be fun without making a lot of noise.

In any case, the best way to conquer a shy and difficult woman is by taking things very calmly. One step at a time, shining with your honesty and laughing at yourself.