How to control my attacks of anger, anger and aggressiveness when arguing with my partner?

A relationship should always be based on respect and trust. However, many are victims of an overly aggressive or hysterical partner. These points are violated in the lawsuits that they occasionally have as a couple, where one of the two has a much more aggressive personality than the other. However, these are unhealthy behaviors that gradually deteriorate the relationship. Learn how to avoid them!

Why do I get angry easily with my partner and can’t control myself?

Do you wonder why I suffer from anger attacks? A relationship is full of ups and downs, however when one of the two is usually more aggressive than the other, the relationship will enter a total imbalance and the harmony between the two will gradually be extinguished. Many people tend to blame their partners when they ask themselves the question , Why can’t I control my emotions? Because most of the time, a person will never admit that they have an anger problem.

So the first step in recovering and healing your marriage will be to stop looking for blame and accept the fact that you have a serious problem that you must change. Many people suffer from fits of anger. Which meet a certain pattern that is very easy to identify.

And much more if your main problem is that  I hit my boyfriend when I get angry. This is a very serious behavior and reaction, since gender violence is a very sensitive issue that must be eradicated regardless of who is the aggressor and who is the victim. These are circumstances that will only lead to worse things and therefore, it must be eliminated and stopped immediately.

If you feel that you cannot control your anger when you are in a fight with your boyfriend, or you feel that your boyfriend is very aggressive with you , quickly go to a professional who can help you. They must be aware that this type of situation will only bring much more violence, and in the worst case it can end in a fatal event.

How to recognize an attack of anger? Consequences of anger

Attacks of anger, just as they are frequent in many people, bring too many consequences . Not only in the couple, but also in the children, in the work and social environment. Because obviously, an aggressive person will not only be aggressive with their partner, but with everyone around them.

Recognizing a fit of anger will be easier for people who are victims. Because almost always, the person suffering from these attacks is not aware of what he is doing . Even though this is serious psychological conduct, they should not be allowed to excuse themselves by dismissing their serious actions behind the simple fact that: I was angry. Therefore, if you want to know if you suffer from anger attacks, check these points.

  • You don’t care about your partner’s feelings.
  • You start screaming for anything .
  • Judgment becomes blind and you are not able to control the things you say.
  • You are always on alert and it is very difficult for you to relax.
  • You feel that everyone is against you.
  • Even the smallest thing annoys you.
  • You think that everything that happens is to annoy you.
  • You have overly exaggerated reactions to everyday situations.

If most of these points identify you, the healthiest thing for you and your partner is to go immediately to anger management therapy . Definitely nothing good ever comes out of violence, and if you really don’t want to continue with the marriage or relationship crisis, you’d better seek help.

How to control anger and aggressiveness when I’m with my partner?

For anger management , the best solution most of the time is to seek professional help. It is not something that can be treated simply with a conversation, because at this point, the subject becomes much more psychological. However, many professionals recommend:

  • Practice meditation as a couple.
  • Do cardiovascular exercises.
  • Reduce the amounts of family or work stress.
  • Let go of all the situations that bother us.
  • Focus on the bright side of life.
  • Improve the overall health of the body.