How to Counter a Narcissistic Pervert?

If you are facing a narcissistic pervert, know that it is important to do everything to counter it. This will allow you to protect yourself effectively. In this article, we invite you to discover how to counter a narcissistic pervert.

Don’t show your weaknesses

Know that it is very important not to show your weaknesses in the face of a narcissistic pervert, because this is in particular what he is constantly looking for in you. Indeed, during your meeting, you may have a small weakness or wounds that you carry in you, but avoid talking about it because you do not know who you are dealing with. If you really want to talk about it, minimize it as if it didn’t really affect you. Whether you have experienced a difficult separation, professional difficulties, problems with those around you, or even bereavement or illness, keep this for yourself.
The narcissistic pervert is a person who will put themselves forward by positioning themselves as a savior for you or by playing a role of confidant. He will apparently have the capacity to always find a solution to your problem when this is not at all the case. The narcissistic pervert is able to take on the role of psychologist because he is simply very intelligent.
By trusting this narcissistic pervert, the latter will then be able to record in his memory everything you tell him. He can then bring it out to you several months later and destroy you psychologically. Your secrets will become real weapons of attack for him.

Beware of this kindness

Each time, the narcissistic pervert will be extremely pleasant, kind, attentive, attractive, attentive, always available, but this is only an appearance. Indeed, he will be delighted to give you many compliments and will even be able to make you believe in a dream life by his side. It is therefore very difficult not to fall in love and therefore fall into the trap. You must in particular take into account that the narcissistic pervert is an excellent beautiful talker. If the person in front of you tends to compliment you a little too much or make you nice promises when you don’t even know yourself, beware. The people who promise you the moon from the first date are not the best, far from it and that can hide a fearsome narcissistic pervert.

Detect the first signs

As your relationship progresses, the narcissistic pervert will come to understand that you trust him completely. He can then begin to be himself. Below, we, therefore, suggest that you discover what are the signs that you can recognize from the narcissistic pervert:

  • He’s constantly criticizing you and always blaming you no matter what you say or do
  • It lowers you daily by highlighting your faults
  • He makes you responsible for everything that’s wrong
  • You are afraid of this person and you doubt yourself and this relationship
  • You are constantly devalued
  • It always makes you feel guilty by constantly telling you that it’s always your fault
  • He doesn’t hesitate to be the source of very hurtful rumors about you
  • He constantly throws you spikes in his sentences
  • He contradicts himself
  • He often uses verbal violence and sometimes even physical violence
  • He is never happy with what you do
  • He always wants to dominate everything and control everything too.

The evolution of his wickedness

Over time, you may find that this person’s behavior does not improve, but that it gets even worse. Indeed, all attacks against you are always more serious and more frequent. No mark of attention is present, but only and always reproaches. Know that you must especially avoid forgiving this narcissistic pervert and that you must not accept his excuses.

Stay independent!

The narcissistic pervert wants to control everything and even your independence. He will do everything to isolate you and cut you off from others, whether it is from your friends or your family. The narcissistic pervert wants you only for him and he does everything to make you totally dependent on him. It is therefore necessary to step back with a narcissistic pervert and do everything to keep in touch with those around you. Also be aware that you must maintain your financial independence and above all not depend on it, because the nightmare will be even greater. Also know that the people around you are the ones who really and sincerely love you and that they will in particular allow you to win your head high.

Don’t give in to blackmail and threats

Do not hesitate to put limits on the narcissistic pervert. Indeed, you must not let yourself go. You should know that the narcissistic pervert will act like a child, and you must constantly repeat things to him so that he does not exceed the limits. You should clearly tell him when you disagree, when you don’t want to, and let him know that his blackmail and threats are not working on you.

Do not tolerate anything

From the start, you must not tolerate anything, nor the slightest misrepresentation. Indeed, this will avoid clearly countering the narcissistic pervert and lowering him in his self-esteem. It must not be able to settle in your head. Know that you have nothing to blame yourself for, and therefore you must be able to refuse certain things. Whether it is bad words, insults or physical violence, nothing must pass. At the slightest deviation, you must be able to threaten your turn to leave. All the humiliations, all the insults, everything is clearly out of order. Also know that you must not accept that you are devalued. No one is perfect and neither is he. No one has the right to tell you that you are worthless. If he tells you that you are not up to it it does not matter. Indeed, you cannot achieve everything. Everyone has their own value and you must protect your values. In addition, if you were not an interesting person, this narcissistic pervert would not have been interested in you, in this case, so do not hesitate to tell him.

Stay confident

The narcissistic pervert will do everything to make you totally lose self-confidence, and you must not let him achieve this goal. If you already have little self-confidence from the start, then you will be a very interesting victim for this narcissistic pervert. Over time, that person will lose your self-confidence, and he will eventually wear you out if you don’t react quickly. At the end of your relationship, you will no longer have confidence in yourself and your self-esteem will have completely disappeared. It is a real drama because self-confidence makes it possible to achieve beautiful things. As time goes by, this narcissistic pervert will discharge your batteries.


To conclude, it is quite possible to counter a narcissistic pervert using a few tricks. Indeed, it is not unbeatable and if you do not succeed, take at least the time to be able to react quickly before it is too late. Thanks to these tips mentioned above, you will not be able to fall under the influence of this narcissistic pervert. In addition, it will eventually tire and you will see that it will put you aside to go in search of another victim that it can control and dominate as it pleases. Even if you were attached to this person, tell yourself that it is really for your good and that this person would have brought you only bad things in your daily life, nothing very positive. In the long run, the consequences would have been serious and he would have ended up destroying you slowly.