How to do to have a girlfriend? 3 tips for the first date

You may have been single for a long time and wondering how to go about having a girlfriend. If you meet a girl you like and you are going out together for the first time, you will probably want some advice so you don’t spoil everything.

  • Listen to it actively. If he tells a fantastic story about something that happened to him on a trip, or if he talks about the goals he has set for his life, don’t be thinking about how good the shirt fits him. Listen to it actively. Nod your head, look her in the eye and sometimes point out that you understand or that you like what she says.
  • Let me get to know you little by little. When it comes to women, the mystery of who you are is not an inconvenience but rather an ally. Be open with her when you talk about yourself, but stay in control. Don’t tell him the story of your life in the first fifteen minutes. Relax and reveal little bits of information about yourself.
  • You don’t need a woman. If you were wondering how to go about having a girlfriend and you felt very eager to meet her, it is the moment for you to relax, because there is nothing that scares a woman more than a man who seems needy. Just because you like a woman doesn’t mean you need her. If you are on a date with a girl, relax and take the time to get to know her to see if she is a person with whom you would be interested in having a relationship. You also expect things from your partner – support, intelligence, maturity, predisposition to enjoy life, etc. – and may not have the character to provide them or to admit what you should offer.

What other advice can you give for an eager man on a first date?