How to fight against jealousy?

How to successfully fight against jealousy and control negative emotions? What are the solutions to stop being jealous or jealous? How to have good communication in your relationship to live your relationships with passion?

Jealousy is the number one cause of breakup in a couple! When you don’t control it, you sometimes fall into a form of emotional dependence and negative obsession that is fatal to your story. That’s why I’m making this article, to keep you from getting there and to help you take charge of your life.

We will see together where this jealousy comes from and especially how to fight it by taking action. If you’ve been jealous or jealous for years, that doesn’t mean you can’t get out of it. Simply fighting your fears will require you to change your habits and take action.

If you have any questions or want to share your personal story, feel free to do so in the comments as I am responding to all of you. Good reading !

Where does sick jealousy in love come from?

I know very well that the first question you ask yourself is “where does my jealousy come from?” How is it that I am so torn by my emotions, my fears and my doubts when I love this person deeply and am happy or happy by their side? “.

The answer is very simple: from your past. You know, in love or even in our personal life we ​​very often experience significant events that leave bitter traces.

These are called “anchors”. You, therefore, find it difficult to overcome them consciously or even unconsciously and they now prevent you from living a “normal” story.

The unhealthy jealousy in love therefore stems from everything you have experienced, your fears, your disillusions. As the human being focuses more on the negative than the positive, I would even say that jealousy stems from your painful past, from all the difficult events that you have gone through.

By putting your finger on the exact source you will first be able to better understand what is going on in you but also to make the right decisions to fight effectively against jealousy.

As I often say, a known problem is half-resolved.

If you have the impression that nothing from your past explains the current jealousy, then it may be a lack of self-confidence or simply a lack of well-being in your daily life. So you see your partner as the ideal person but you don’t think you can or keep him. In any case, the actions that I suggest in the rest of the article can help you feel better.

What are the actions to fight against jealousy?

The most important thing I want to pass on to you is that fighting jealousy very often means taking preventative action . Once you are in a “crisis” that is, your emotions come to the surface, you feel fear and bitterness at the same time, I don’t think we can effectively act against that and so forget everything in a fraction of a second.

On the contrary, at this moment you will always have words that go beyond your thoughts or even actions moved under the influence of emotions.

So overcoming your jealousy is a daily and constant job.

First action: create a careful schedule!

This advice may seem obvious or simplistic, but it is really ESSENTIAL! To fight against jealousy, you have to do it upstream. So now is the time to take control of your general life.

Take a diary and write down what you are going to do to feel better hour by hour. It can come from Yogameditationsport , outings with friends, your passions such as salsa or cooking lessons …

One thing is certain, to save your relationship and find a peaceful life you will have to invest in YOU as a priority.

If you are busy and you are chasing your dreams or at least your desires then I can guarantee that your jealousy will be overcome quickly but above all you will be able to change your life by giving yourself love!

This diary is a great way to not leave room for unforeseen emotions or at least limit them.

How to change in your relationship?

To fight against your jealousy in love, you will necessarily need the help of your partner. Unfortunately he / she will never be able to act the way you want and so you will have to face his / her mistakes as well.

To avoid staying in the negative or that crises take precedence over love, I simply encourage you to have a relationship as attractive as possible . Make decisions to experience novelty, to share exciting activities and to NEVER fall into a routine . This simple advice will allow you to experience new emotions and therefore avoid keeping the same habits that are currently ruining your personal confidence and your relationship.

Now is the time to innovate and try to never do the same thing twice. Your story will only be more beautiful and the bond stronger. This is the best way to make your partner want to invest, to cherish you and finally to reassure you about his intentions as well as his desires.

To fight against jealousy, you will have to define your future!

I realized thanks to my field coaching, that is to say by being very close to you to help you overcome your jealousy that the best way not to fixate on the other or on the problems of couple remains to stabilize personally.

If jealousy stems from your past, the best way to fight it is to define your future. What are your dreams? Where do you see yourself personally in 5, 10, 20 years?

This desire to define your future will allow you to NEVER NEED each other again while keeping your love intact and therefore a beautiful and strong relationship.

You now know the tools to control your emotions and to stop being jealous or jealous. I really encourage you to take the time to meditate on the causes that make you fear losing the other and the course of action to put in place hour by hour in order to fill your life to the fullest.