How to find love?

Who has never dreamed of finding the ideal partner? Since childhood, we have had this somewhat romantic dream, but also a little stupid to find Prince Charming.

However, you can imagine, Prince Charming does not exist and the idea of ​​ideal partner does not really resemble what we dreamed of as a child.

And yes, an ideal partner is not a man without faults. He is a man whose qualities make you forget all the little annoyances of everyday life. Finding your partner is a quest that should not be taken lightly.

And to help you carry it out here are 4 tips.

1. Get to know yourself.

How can you expect a man to want to know you if you don’t know yourself? To find the ideal partner, you must take stock of your expectations, your desires, and your desires.

You must successfully identify your faults and your qualities to be able to start a relationship with confidence.

2. Ask yourself what you really want from the ideal partner.

To find your ideal partner, you have to know where to look. And to do that you have to know what to look for.

So, you must identify what you expect from a man, what are these qualities which seem essential to you, these faults which you find unacceptable … this will allow you not to waste time with men who do not correspond to you.

3. Be demanding!

I do not know if we have already told you, but for my part, I have often had the following reflection: “you are too demanding, you will never find a guy if you have such criteria! And guess what? I found it.

Obviously, you should not be much too demanding (you would pass for a madman) but do not fall into the opposite excess by lowering your pretensions and going out with men who do not match you that much.

4. Leave your past behind.

Finding the ideal partner requires one hundred percent involvement. To do so, you must leave all of your previous stories behind. But still learn a few lessons.

Identify your mistakes, determine the efforts you should have made, these are all bases on which to build your story with your future partner. In short, keep only the best: experience.

With these four tips, you have the main keys to find your ideal partner. Now it’s up to you to apply these tips to your situation to find the rare pearl and live this beautiful story that you deserve.

It’s your turn!