How to find the perfect husband?

In today’s society we are constantly subject to the institution of marriage, advertising and marketing have made it a sure bet.

In addition, since our earliest childhood we have been exposed to stories of princesses more perfect than the others, should we therefore deduce that to be in their image it becomes necessary to get married? And to do this you need to find the “perfect” husband here are some tips to find and keep it.

1. How to “harpoon” one for good?

First you have to free yourself. That is to say: stop complaining that all men are not good enough (there is necessarily one that could suit us).

Stop consulting your answering machine every five minutes, hoping to find a message from a man there and finally say that it is time to marry the most beautiful, rich, and intelligent man possible who can make you happy because you deserve it. and you will end up meeting him.

By putting yourself in this state of mind you free yourself, you are no longer really looking for it, it should come to you all alone. Freer you will appear slightly more inaccessible and therefore more attractive.

Once this new freedom is reached it is time to find this future husband!

Why not remind one of your exes that you left for reasons that are not always well-founded (too cheesy, too bald, too fat, too lazy, etc.).

But you still have to be careful, given that this is an ex, and not take the most “emotional motherfucker” (as our dear Bridget Jones puts it so well) which will make you suffer a second time .

2. How to keep your freedom as well as the candidate for marriage?

Once the target is reached, whether an ex or not tonight, there are a few practical tips.

First of all, we must be ready to leave it at any time, we must assert ourselves and not be afraid of being alone because we can perfectly live without them.

This leads to a second tip: do not try to change it!

If it does not suit you do not change it but change it! Indeed, you should not try to change it at any cost so that it fits your criteria, if you are not satisfied change it.

What I mean by that is that getting her on marital therapy or whatever would be useless if it doesn’t work. But you are free to change it on small points using your manipulative skills (given to all women!)

But these rules are not the most important. It seems clear that there are two major rules.

3. 1st Rule:

Assert yourself. They should not be allowed to believe that they are allowed.

So it’s about being sure of yourself from the start. Even if it is not a question of your future husband you must make him see who you are and what a confident woman you are, the more you want it and you will have this future candidate for marriage…

Even if it turns out that he does not meet the conditions and that, ultimately, it will not be with him. It must also be domesticated!

And the sooner the better. This may surprise more than one but it is in fact what you should try to do.

You have to make it become what you want it to be. By this I mean, more attentive, less fickle, more present …

But be careful, you shouldn’t be too hard either, which introduces the second rule.

4. 2nd Rule:

Be gentle and surprising. We must take care of them, whether they are future spouses or not, we must surprise them and be attentive (yes women too!).

For example, prepare him a small romantic meal in the middle of the week when he comes home exhausted from work.

You have to surprise him in every possible way so that he realizes how lucky he is to have you.

Because today keeping her husband is not an easy task, indeed, women do not care that the man they covet is married or engaged, so you have to hang on so that he stays by your side.

You have to watch your future husband, and stay very vigilant. But, especially not to disagree with the image that we are trying to convey since our meeting with him, do not give in.

If he is not faithful you must leave him on the spot, anyway it is not your fault, he is like that, you have in no case been too much or not enough present.

5. What to do in the event of infidelity?

What if you find a woman’s number in her pocket?

You can call her and there you expose yourself to two solutions, either she admits that your ex-future husband cheated on you and this is the breakup.

Either she explains that there was nothing at all and that your future husband is only talking about you, in this case this event can certainly lead you to the long-awaited marriage.

It is therefore “quits or double” but it is a risk that must be taken.

6. How to help him decide?

Finally for those who drag a little to commit one can cite the case of a young woman.

It had been a year since she lived with her boyfriend still not decided to ask her to marry.

One morning she asked him “Are you planning to marry me?” And her boyfriend answers “no”. So she said to him, “So take your stuff and go!” ” He proposed it in marriage the following weekend.

We can therefore say that we must know how to take matters into our own hands and assert ourselves as free and independent women who are not afraid to express their feelings and to fully assume their desire for marriage and family.