How to find the right person for you?

Single, desperate to find the right person? But do we really have to look for … Love does not chase itself away, it attracts itself and I will demonstrate it to you, because the more you run after the more it runs away and gives way to the neurosis which is easily caught !

It is the first reflex to seek, because you have been told “seek and you will find”, except that this adage does not apply to love. Indeed, the more you try to find it, the more it escapes you because you see time pass and no one by your side. You have no control over the day and time when you come across the person who will allow you to found a home, because the only control you have is over you: shine and you will attract a sun! Be impatient and you will attract the first passerby and your relationship will be based on the imbalance of despair contented with what the neurosis has put in your mouth. Neurosis? It is the emotional imbalance that pushes you into a bottomless void that you desperately flee from and that catches up with you even more when the relationship has failed. Have you noticed the title? Find the RIGHT person, not find someone. You are looking for a companion, not “company”!

The RIGHT person is the one who suits you in every way and who looks like you rather than falling into the belief that extremes attract and that there is always one who dominates. Extremes always end up repelling each other while what looks alike comes together and forever! As for dominating the other, you will end up despising him and if it is you the rug, you will be automatically trampled on. First of all, do not seek love, it will come to you when you do not expect it. And to start, are you ready? Another important point: love, can you recognize it? Do you know what this is ? This is the CRAC:

C ONFIDENCE: you have confidence in yourself, family blossomed you were, and you meet someone who has confidence in him / her and that trust is mutual.

R espect: you respect yourself, your new meeting will also respect and you respect each other.

A admiration: You admire the person you met and who also admires you (we are talking about admiring and not adulating).

C omplicity: which is based on history, because the more you know yourself, the more you love yourself and s * x is fulfilling.

Now that the decor is set, that you know what love is and above all that you must choose a person who has the same beliefs, the same values, the same education, the same vision of the couple in addition to an attraction physical, all allowing you to see your feelings develop, here is what you need to anchor in your memory: Each second that passes brings you closer to the right person and each day that you work on you, you work on your future couple and the other person too. Because, you will meet someone at the same level of balance as you and all the work you have done, each on your side, will represent as many reasons to hear you well instead of arguing. If you have no power over when you will meet the right person, you have it, you, Sir, by going out to meet a woman you like. And you, Madam, also have it by keeping your eyes open and reacting nobly when a man approaches you.

The Universe takes care of putting the right people on the right path, when they are both ready. If you still dabble in neurosis, you will attract a neurotic person. If you have worked on yourself to be happy in your celibacy, you will attract someone who will also be happy single and therefore happy to also form a couple with you. This is what really depends on you: be happy with yourself before being happy together!