How to forget your ex. Here are 5 tips to help you

Last night I just dreamed about my ex once again. It has now been almost 1 month that I am no longer with Marie. We were together for 2 months. It’s short enough that it doesn’t get too attached. We never really fell in love with each other, but yet I often keep thinking about her.

So I wondered what I could do to try and forget about it. I don’t want to totally erase my ex-girlfriend from my memory, but I just wish she didn’t come back to me every day. Forgetting to turn the page is the best way to be able to meet new girls and why not meet the right one this time.

So this morning I grabbed a piece of paper and pencil and started making a list of what I could do to get over my ex. Here are some ideas I found:

  • Make a list of the things you don’t like about your ex.
    One of the solutions to turn the page is to tell yourself that you have nothing to regret. That your ex was definitely not for you. So make a list of all those flaws and things that you find boring about him/her. She dressed badly, he spoke too much, he didn’t smell good, she had no conversation.
  • Remove your ex from your contacts. Why do you still have his phone number and are still friends on Facebook? It’s definitely not what I call turning the page. So forget his number, his email address. Remove your ex from your Facebook contacts too. You don’t need to know what he/she is doing all the time. It will just remind you of its presence. If you don’t want to remove her from Facebook, at least choose the option that prevents you from seeing her status and photos on your wall.
  • Change the decor of your room. Did you live together with your ex or did your ex spend a few nights in your bed? Forget these moments by changing the decor of your room. Throw away the gifts she gave you. Remove the photos of both of you. Change the place of furniture. In short, transform your room and your apartment. It will be easier to have a “new you” starting a new life.
  • Go out with your friends. Don’t stay home alone. Do new activities with your friends. Try things you’ve never tried before. Why not learn to ski or to paint? Why not go to a sports club with a friend of yours? Change your mind to forget this ex who haunts your thoughts.
  • Force yourself to meet other girls or guys. If you stay single, you will inevitably feel lonely and think back to the past. So the best way to draw a final line on your old love affair is to start a new one. Check out our dating tips to help you!

I’m pretty happy with the list I made. She is of course not perfect, but in my case, for the relationship I had with Marie, she will suit me perfectly!
I had already made some ideas from this list before. For example, my ex is no longer one of my Facebook friends and there are no more pictures of the two of us in my apartment or on my computer.
Now I think I’ll try to spend more time with my friends and use the summer to go camping with them. It should take my mind off things and maybe I’ll meet a summer flirt!

Do you think I forgot things on my list? Give me your advice, there is never enough!