How to get a boyfriend online: 10 rules you should follow

Getting a boyfriend online is very possible these days, so much so that you will be surprised to know how common it is between young and not so young, make dates and start long-distance relationships on the web.

If what you want is to learn how to do it and where to start looking, then stay with us and you will know.

It is pleasing to know that there are countless couples who have met through apps and social networks, technological advances that deserve our applause. However, I must warn you that with these technological tools there are also risks of running into perverts, scammers, and other people without good intentions.

If what you want is to get a boyfriend online and not die trying, read carefully the nine best recommendations for it.

Search in the right place

Finding a partner on the Internet can be easy or as difficult as you prefer. If you are determined to connect with your better half anywhere in the world you should know where to start knocking on doors and show yourself as the cute and funny girl you are.

Correct vocabulary

Avoid using very serious terms at the beginning of the friendship or relationship, words that scare men such as husband, marriage, pension, and never, never say in the first weeks and even months of a relationship, together forever.

Conquering a man is not difficult, however, if they feel that their freedom is at risk because of their natural fear of commitment, you will lose it forever.

Friend, better use more jovial terms such as a friend, lasting relationship, you can even tell him that you have no plans to get married because you are afraid of formal commitment, this may make him feel that there are more things in common between you.

Be honest

If you have already made the decision to look for a partner on the Internet, you must be honest about the personal information you post and your profile photograph, one in which it goes without saying that it should be the one that best enhances your physical attributes.

Fill your profile with relevant information about yourself. For example, your age, where you live but without giving many details, tastes and cultural and gender inclinations, also if you have children.

It is important that you make it clear what you are looking for in a relationship, if you are interested in just hanging out or if you prefer a serious love affair. Also, add if you have a particular and unconventional lifestyle and how important that way of living is to you.

Be natural and sincere, publish your tastes without giving too much thought, your honesty will make your profile more adjusted to your personality, which will consequently increase the chances that the guy who contacts you is the one that best suits your tastes, that is, the indicated one.

Be fun and funny

Being a very serious girl will only help to create sometimes irreparable distances between you and your partner, since he will not feel the necessary comfort to start creating bonds more associated with trust, all based on a sense of humor. Show your boy how funny and funny you are.

Remember, men, fall in love with a cheerful woman with a sense of humor. The longer you are laughing, the more time he will want to spend with you.

Be honest about what you are looking for

Guys looking for a girlfriend on the Internet also have well-defined interests. There will be those who want couples just for fun and those, the most demanded, who are looking for stable relationships. It will be up to you which hands to fall into.

If a man publishes that he is looking for a short relationship, something to meet, have fun and just have a good time, but your tastes are more inclined to a serious relationship with someone with whom to share good times and bad times, it is obvious that that boy does not suit you, no matter how cute it is, it doesn’t suit you!

You must be clear about what you are looking for from a man, so if you want a stable relationship you should filter into the boys’ section with that profile because rumba and liberals will not change overnight.

False or unhelpful profiles

Attention to this point. We set the alarms.

If he contacts you or you find a profile whose main photo is of poor quality or of doubtful origin, you may be facing a potential false profile that can do a lot of damage if you allow it.

These users deceive other people by making them believe only what they want to hear or read, so you will not be interested in a boy with these characteristics.

If the man is really interested in having a relationship this should be reflected in the quality of his profile and the completeness of his personal information. An uninformative profile is a dangerous sign for your interests.

Take care of your personal information

Another point of much attention.

As you should know, there are network hackers who steal or use your personal information for bad actions such as scams and deception.

The information in your personal profile must be complete but basic, with nothing to specify in detail regarding address, identity record, work address, names of father or mother, and much fewer bank details.

Pirates who contact you through false profiles, something we already talked about, will try to gain your trust to learn about things that have nothing to do with the beginnings of a friendship. A lot of attention with this.

Take good care of your private information.

He asks for revealing photos

A guy who has nice intentions with you will not ask you for revealing photos in the first weeks and even months of meeting. All men know that these requests are not made to a woman with whom they hope to have something serious.

If the guy you recently met online starts to hint to you that he needs show or underwear photos of you to get to know you better, he’s a pervert, moron, and not worth it. Friend, believe me, they are usually very persuasive to achieve their goals, but you will not fall into the trap.

Take it easy

If you liked someone and have contacted him, do not despair. It is likely that he will not answer you immediately because you do not know what his availability of time is like to surf the Internet and review his profile.

It may also happen that its delay is related to a profile study that is being done on you. The guys also review the information and photos of us very well, so he may be taking his time to decide whether to respond to you or not.

In short, to get a boyfriend online you just have to know where to look, post a nice photo and relevant information on the profile, contact guys, and not despair for answers. I know you can do it because you deserve a nice man with good feelings.