How to get out of the friendzone?

We did everything we could not to enter it, but it is shabby: the friendzone, we are right in it. Our target taps us on the shoulder and tells us about his (thrilling) s**x life. How to go back? Tips for getting out of it quickly and entering the love zone.

You didn’t see anything coming: Jean-Paul and you, things were going pretty well. Seduction, smiles, impromptu phone calls, reunion at midnight to go for a drink… You really thought you were on the right track, until Jean-Paul told you about a 90D (not yours), met you with a mate, and says “hi brother” while holding out your fist. Hot: you are in the middle of a friend zone, drowned in a bath of friendship, you who thought you revolved around love. We tell you how to get out, step by step.

Disappear (a little)

Do not take a plane to the end of the world, but disappear slightly from the sight of Jean-Paul. The idea: that he realizes how much he is used to being with you (by force, he no longer even notices it, since you are part of his friendly landscape, with Roger and Jean-Marie Pinte). As he flees, Jean-Paul will find himself thinking of you: where is Pénélope? Escape him so that he asks himself the right questions. He will even understand that life is more fun by your side and will give you little bigot blows to find out where you are, what you are doing, and if it tells you to join him.

Take the duo card

And so, you will very much want to join him. Only, in the middle of a friendzone, there are quickly seventeen. We party together and we chat as a group on Messenger. And that is not good. So yes, you can go see JP in the evening, because after all, you’re not going to wiggle your eyelashes in your house for nobody. But you will, at the same time, offer duo (and unique) activities to JP. Not every day (you disappear, don’t forget) but once and here and there: a movie, a drink. Both. The story of creating a new setting and discovering yourself differently. JP will not understand what is happening to him.

Change the subject

While you are quietly taking a drink (hello mom’s vocabulary), JP continues to tell you about his s**x life, the little girls in his life, his fantasies, his hopes, and his disillusions. OK, you are a wonderful ear and a wonderful advisor, but to get out of the friendzone, it is essential that this kind of blah no longer settles on the carpet. In short, JP will call you a friend as long as he can talk to you about his loves. So? Just nod your head and throw him stupid phrases “one of lost ten found” or “who will live will see”. And always add that there is no point in taking the cabbage, because love is often more obvious than that (you see the obvious?).

Count on him

There, it will be necessary to be subtle. Counting on JP, that means making a place for him in your life and asking him (will you accompany me on this work trip? Will you help me fix the shelves, I only have two hands…?). Little by little, man is making himself useful, available, and since JP (as we know) likes to show off and save the world, he will be delighted. Be careful, there is service and service: in short, count on him as you would count on your boyfriend, not a friend. Always ask yourself the question: would that, I would ask my boyfriend or my friend? And act according to. It doesn’t matter what JP thinks because everything plays out in your behavior: if you are convinced that your request is in love, JP will feel it that way. Hello, love zone.