How to get over a break up ?

We have all experienced romantic setbacks. Seriously, which of us did not, one day, face a breakup? If you are reading this article, you are looking to learn how to recover from a breakup.

It is not insurmountable, it just requires a little will. To help you, here are some tips.

1. Grieve

To recover from a breakup, it is essential to grieve. Mourning for what exactly?

Of its history, its memories, and especially its ex.

It is not a question of forgetting everything that you have experienced, simply of understanding that it is ancient history. How to do?

First of all, you will have to mind. It is often tempting to mop around on your couch crying in front of photos from the “Belle Epoque”

It is, however, the best way to avoid being able to grieve. Do activities you enjoy, go out with your friends, watch movies, everything is good for keeping your mind busy and getting you thinking!

Then remember that if your friends were there when your morale was high, they are always there when things are not going well.

Let them reassure you, listen to you and help you get out of it gradually. One watchword: exteriorize. Do not keep your sadness to yourself, it could eat away at you.

Also, don’t forget to get rid of your memories. You have two choices: you can throw them away or keep them in a box.

If you choose the second solution, you will have to show courage and not reopen it before you have done your mourning work.

Finally, watch for small victories. Each step towards “healing” is a victory that must be celebrated as it should be.

Have you resisted the temptation to call him for the nth time? Did you respond to a stranger’s smile on the street? This is a step towards mourning your story!

To recover from a breakup, you must allow time. Don’t force yourself to get back in the saddle too quickly. Sometimes you have to take the time to grieve to get back on a good footing.

2. The business is back!

One man often hunts the other. The best way to recover from a breakup is sometimes to find a replacement for your ex who, in the end, was not that perfect!

Once you feel you are ready to get back on track, chase the one who deserves to share your life!

Be careful however, it is too easy to turn to a man hoping to find the exact replica of his ex.

Each story is different, do not project the image of your ex on each man you meet. You will never find a man in every way similar to your ex and it is the work of mourning that will allow you to accept him.

This is why it is important to allow time before relaunching yourself in the conquest of the ideal man.

To recover from a break, some advise to completely cut the bridges with his ex.

Indeed, it is difficult to recover when you continue to be in contact with the one you loved … “Staying friends” is not always the right solution.

It’s up to you, only you know what’s good for you. It’s up to you to get back in the saddle, don’t doubt it!

And you girls, what are your tips for coping better with this difficult time?