How to get the best out of your man?

Your man, it is this reassuring presence at your side. When you come home together at night and it swells your chest, just to show everyone that you shouldn’t be bothered … Or that helps you carry your pink shopping bag a thousand times too heavy for you (or not).

He is also the one who makes it a point of honor to pay the bill at the restaurant, even if it is with your joint account…

Well, we will see that you are not asking him enough yet … By fulfilling his instinctive needs which are to protect you and provide for your needs, you will give your relationship a whole new dimension.

We no longer know how to be women!

The problem in our modern society is that we women have learned so much to fight to defend equal rights that … we forget to be women. At work, we demonstrate totally… Masculine leadership skills.

Well at home, and especially in our relationships with our man, we must learn to hang up our gloves. From the first phase of seduction to the life of a couple, I will show you how to regain your feminine energy and what benefits it will bring you.

No, being protected is not a weakness

If you think you are vulnerable, you are weak, you are wrong. On the contrary, it is what will allow you to create a real emotional bond with your man.

You are a strong woman, you demonstrate it on a daily basis, you do not need to outbid. Otherwise, it’s like putting on make-up like a stolen car, or wearing too much jewelry… It’s a bit vulgar.

Above all, you are missing one of the fundamental dimensions of male psychology. A man has a real compulsion to protect and provide for the needs of the woman he loves.

What happens if you don’t let a man protect you?

If you take it away, ladies, if you’re still in the action, then he’s the one who becomes passive. In a context of seduction, for example, he will not make the effort to contact you first or to suggest an appointment.

Do you feel that you are the only one “working” for your relationship? Do you do “everything for him”?

The American Love Coach Rori Raye has a very beautiful metaphor on this subject: imagine that you and your man are in a boat, the boat of your relationship. For the moment, it is you who hold the oars, and as you are used to being in action, you row, you row … While your Jules benefits from the landscape.

Now, what will happen if you decide to lay the oars? To enjoy the scenery in your turn? Well at the very beginning, there may be a little moment of floating. Then your man will have no choice but to take control of the oars to move the boat forward.

Doesn’t that sound more natural to you? He is so much sturdier than you, is he not the most suitable for handling this heavy boat? By leaving him in action, He regains His masculine energy and you, your feminine energy. He gives, you receive.

Let him be your prince charming

So take out your parasol and enjoy the sliding of the boat on the water. What will be the benefits for you to let your Jules express his masculine energy?

Well, they’re going to be double.

First, for the relationship. In the conquest phase, a man who is not in a position of action will tend to flee. Where did his princess go, whom he had to conquer by slaying dragons? Where is the challenge, which made him want to shine brightly in your eyes?

Doesn’t that remind you of anything?

Do you remember this man, let’s call him Fabio, who harassed you with SMS when he stopped all contact for 2 days? Then you asked to see it, for further explanation.

“Fabio, we need to talk. I know there is a problem in our relationship. 3 weeks ago, we saw each other every day. Today, you don’t even call me anymore… Tell me, do you intend to break up? ”.

That was 2 days before he actually broke up… Fabio had become a princess, whom you, the prince charming, sought to conquer. And that, Fabio, it made him weird …

And as a couple, a man who cannot express his masculine energy will go from prince charming to… toad.

So on the contrary, let him be gallant. Let him give you advice, even if it’s annoying. Let him suggest the meetings and initiate contacts, even if you have to wait a little longer. And above all, let him take care of you, even if you feel mothered …

What, he doesn’t do all that? Stop being in action and let’s talk about it again…

What benefits for your well-being?

The second benefit to regaining feminine energy will be for you.

And we move on to the tricky part of the article. I would have to manage to describe in words the impression that one has when you find your feminine energy.

Serenity, well-being, fullness at the idea that everyone is in their place, finally … Feeling of being a woman, power 10 …

And beyond, the impression of being safe at all times, because the reassuring presence of our man watches over us. Even in his absence.

You will win a real partner and stop having the impression of playing a role that does not suit you!

A little tip to get back into your feminine energy

When you get home from work every night, you have a thousand things to manage at home. During the day, you are in action mode. In the evening, quite naturally, you continue in stride. It is your male energy which acts, in the continuation of that which animates you throughout the day.

To regain your feminine energy, you can impose a little ritual on your arrival: take a shower, change, water the plants, sit in an armchair, and read your horoscope … Relax, abandon your shell, let yourself be protected: your man takes care of you.

And by reinvesting your feminine energy, you will gain a real quality of relationship! So let your man protect you, solve your problems, advise you! And savor the power of this new state of mind …