How to get your ex back in 4 steps?

You want, even, very want to get this man back, your ex, and not another? It’s like that, you have it in your head, in your heart, in your skin and you can’t imagine being without it. Except that it escaped you and you would like to know how to change things. I’m going to give you the 4-step method to get a man back, but be careful, you will have to follow each step to the letter and not go crazy if you hope to succeed in getting your ex back.

Let him breathe Who says rupture is the need for space and to think. I can’t do it on a case-by-case basis and each romantic relationship is different so I will voluntarily put aside the duration of your relationship since duration and intensity are dissociable and, with each relationship its
particularities. In short, it’s over with your ex and, inevitably, following a breakup, sir wants and NEEDS to breathe so out of pity, do not harass with your SMS and calls.


Leave him alone!

By running after him, you will make him flee even more! Yes yes, follow me I am running away from you, run away from me I am following you… Think about it and, above all, act in such a way that you do not take his head more than you have already been the case following the rupture. By letting him think on his side, he will see that you respect his need for air and, also, that you are not a big hysterical patient who wants to suffocate him. A man who feels suffocated will NEVER want to go back with you, know that! If you insist too much while he is in a cooling-off period, you will scare him away more than you bring him back.

Think before you act

Are you sure you want to get this man back or is it because you just can’t stand being alone or being dumped? Remember your reasons for breaking up and see how they weigh in on your judgment of the situation and your love for your ex. Thinking of making him jealous? It’s ridiculous and I’d rather tell you right now! Are you thinking of threats or an ultimatum?

Always so ridiculous!

Think carefully before you want to get a man back because in the heat of the breakup, feelings are always present but you have to consult your reason to make your decision. Do you REALLY see yourself with him in the long run? Is it possible?

Would you be happy? Really?

Think about the behavior you are going to adopt towards him but also towards yourself.
It’s a bit like “whatever you say will be held against you”. Well, it is valid here too! So again, think before you act and weigh the pros and cons.

Pick the right time

Actions are worth more than words. Forget your ready-made blah and make sure to
prove to this dear man that you have changed and that he is not likely to find in you the reasons why he left you. Otherwise, it’s pointless… He must have confidence in you and see for himself that you are really different (hopefully you are) otherwise, it’s lost! Hunt the natural, it comes back at a gallop! So there is no point in giving her nice speeches or making her pretend you are different if, in the end, that is not true. Then choose the right time and that means it
do not pounce on him in the week following the breakup … As I told you at the beginning of this article, give him time and air and find the right moment to begin your recovery mission.

Do not contact him for several days, it will do him good and it will do YOU ​​good too! If he truly loves you and is truly ready to come back with you, this radio silence will be of great benefit to each of you. Then don’t contact him during your on-the-go lunch break at the office, make sure you are in a perfect time for you and him.


He may have changed some habits compared to your old daily life together but overall, you necessarily know his hours of work and activities so make sure to resurface in his life when the moment is best chosen.

Finally, in closing, I would like to tell you always A man who feels suffocated will NEVER want to go back to you, EVER! Do not belittle yourself and above all, think carefully before acting and
making decisions.

Maybe, in the end, this break-up is the best solution, but if you are convinced otherwise after having MATURED THOUGHTS, then be careful not to ruin your chances of getting back this man you like it so much.