How to get your ex girlfriend to answer your calls?

You are constantly looking at your cell phone. You hope that she will give another “life sign” after the breakup or contact ban. But now it’s clear: your ex-girlfriend will not keep in touch!

Perhaps she no longer responds to your messages even though you wrote her about how much you still love and miss her.

All this is very painful, because you feel a violent longing for love and you cannot forget it, and you absolutely want to win this woman back for a new relationship.

At the same time, you are thinking about the reasons for your silence.

And then that typical, agonizing fear of us men of maybe EVER hearing anything from the one or the one we adore again…

But don’t be discouraged when the pain of the breakup hits: in this article, I’m going to show you my best strategies for how your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend can react again and contact you!

Why doesn’t the ex contact me anymore?

That this woman/man apparently does not want to know anything more about you and withdraws can have several reasons:

  • She/he takes time to process the separation.
  • She/he thinks you are not ready because of the pain of separation.
  • She/he expects you to call (and apologize).
  • She/he doesn’t miss you enough right now.
  • She/he doesn’t love you anymore and has lost interest.
  • She/he has a new boyfriend/girlfriend with whom she/he is happy.

When she or he no longer has feelings for you and is taken into another relationship, of course, it will be difficult to win her back.

You don’t know the exact reasons why your ex-girlfriend doesn’t contact you? Or do you think she still loves you a little bit?

So, there’s still hope to get her to respond and maybe even get back together with her for a new version of their relationship at some point!

7 tips if your ex stops calling

Do you feel the pain of separation and just can’t let go?

Do you think about how you can get in touch with this wonderful woman/man again – and how you might even win your ex-girlfriend back in the end?

Then consider the following tips!

With the right strategies, this person will begin to miss you and yearn for your once-happy relationship to return to you.

It is best to proceed step by step and read these instructions carefully:

1. Don’t send a hasty message

Does your ex not call after the breakup? Most people make big mistakes in such a situation.

I know: your fingers are now itching to pick up your cell phone and write to your ex-girlfriend(s) on WhatsApp or Facebook… in hopes that she will finally react.

But first of all: calm down, my friend, even if the anguish or pain of separation is unbearable! It’s important to avoid getting impatient or angry right now.

So DON’T send messages that sound angry or desperate like:

  • “Why don’t you contact me anymore?”
  • “What are these games for?”
  • “Am I worthless to you anymore?”
  • “Please let’s try the relationship again, I will change I promise!”
  • “I love you/I miss you/I need you…”
  • “We can at least remain friends” (although the offer of friendship is just a pretext to contact her again)

And just: ”  Hey, how are you?” ” Write? You must also avoid these mistakes.

Do not spy on her in any other way! As long as your ex-girlfriend doesn’t answer, you have to keep a cool head and hold back.

Because with all this news you seem unattractive as a man and you get the exact opposite of what you want: she will continue to distance herself from you because she feels pressured.

2. Respect them and wait

The failure of a relationship is always very painful and creates real emotional chaos with love, anger, and tears.

Women just need their time to process the whole thing, just like us men. Maybe that’s why your ex-girlfriend doesn’t call you after the breakup.

If everything is still fresh (you’ve only been apart for a few days or weeks), give her the time she needs instead of nagging her!

To do this, initiate a 4-week contact ban or continue if you’ve already put contact on hold.

So wait until she starts to miss you and your ex calls you back on her own.

If she doesn’t do this within the said 4 weeks, you can still use one of the following tips and strategies after contact has been blocked to spark her love…

3. Write her an apology

Of course, we men make mistakes in love too. You made a mistake in your relationship and your girlfriend broke up with you because she was extremely hurt?

This is probably the reason why your ex is no longer in touch at the moment.

In that case, you can break the big ice wall of silence by sending her a short message to end the contact block and apologize.

Important: do not write that you expect forgiveness or a new rapprochement with her. That would be too much at first, it would catch her off guard after this difficult breakup.

Here in the first message, this is really JUST about the pure apology. Then just wait and see if she responds and how she reacts.

4. Look attractive to the ex-girlfriend again

Or maybe your girlfriend broke up with you because you became unattractive to her over the course of your partnership.

This is the case for most men. Because? Let me explain the reason to you:

In the beginning, you may have been free and independent – ​​an adventurer she fell in love with. At least an exciting man who had that “certain something”.

At some point, you got slow in your relationship. You neglected your old hobbies and friends; instead, you just revolved around your partner like a planet around the sun.

Women hate attachment so much, also because you are no longer the man she fell in love with. Hence the separation. And that’s why your ex-girlfriend doesn’t respond, her feelings for you are on the back burner.

The antidote for men is very simple to rekindle love:

While the contact is blocked, convincingly show her that you are again that attractive and exciting guy that she once liked so much!

Despite the pain of the breakup, pursue your hobbies just as you did before your relationship. And do exciting things (like travel or parties) that you always take pictures of.

You then post these pictures where your ex can see them on social media.

By looking at these photos, your ex might contact you on his own, or you might send her a message.

5. Make your ex-girlfriend jealous

Is your complicated ex unresponsive after the breakup – despite this “attractiveness offensive”? So you have to take it a step further now.

Yes, you read that right: Arouse a little jealousy and pain in her heart if you want to get attractive again! Because competition drives business, even in flirting.

To make your ex-girlfriend jealous, however, you need to be discreet and skillful so that she doesn’t see your intention.

The best thing to do is spread some rumors to her friends that you are dating other girls. It is even more effective to post some photos on Facebook or WhatsApp status while you are having fun with other women.

Your ex is not used to this nice behavior from other men, because they always run after her blindly.

When she sees this and still has a spark of love for you.

6. Wake up positive memories in her

If your ex-girlfriend still doesn’t answer by this point, you’ll have to dig a little deeper into your bag of tricks and write a message after blocking contact, which she will respond to.

Be sure to write something positive so you don’t stir up negative feelings again or even start an argument.

My tip: To get the ex to react, you can send a message jolting memories of the good old days before you broke up.

Of course, this message also works with other places and leisure activities that were very important to both of you in the past.

To increase the message’s impact, you can also send her a photo of the romantic location on her cell phone.

The psychological effect: your ex-girlfriend will be transported back to the good old days when she fell in love with you.

Then she might even fall in love and lose the relationship with you. She’ll wish it stayed the same and she’ll answer you quickly…

7. Find a suitable excuse to write

You don’t know why your ex hasn’t contacted you? And you want to discreetly contact her again without her realizing your true intent?

So it’s the easiest step in the world for us men to look for an excuse to write her. Find a plausible reason why the two of you will inevitably have to end contact blocking and write to each other!

My tips on what excuses you can use for this situation:

  • From the time of your relationship, you may still have things lying around each other’s homes that need to be returned to the rightful owner.
  • Or an urgent “bureaucratic” issue has to be resolved after separation/divorce (money, childcare, return of apartment keys, etc.).

Did you find something suitable?

As a man, you can always write these reasons down for her, even if your favorite outfit is in your closet at home. Because she doesn’t know that…

The probability of your ex-girlfriend contacting you now is quite high, after all, this is a (seemingly) important thing.