How to have a successful long distance relationship

Long-distance relationships can be very difficult, but sometimes there is no other option than to separate from your partner for work, studies, or other occupations.

Although it is difficult, there are ways to keep the relationship at a distance despite the distance. Do you want to know how? In this article we will discuss some strategies for you and your partner to face this situation without their love being affected, learn the best tips to have a successful long-distance relationship:

1. Decide how you will handle your intimate life

Being physically separated will not make the desire between the two of you go away. That is why it is important for you to discuss how you will cope with your wishes and handle the distance without including a third person.

Obviously physical contact will not be possible for a while, but there are other ways to maintain the desire and passion between the two of you.

Imagination is the secret weapon to keep the flame of desire burning.

2. Share the little details

As long as they are apart, their lives will go on. Each one will advance in their career or in their social life and they will have to go through good and bad times without the presence of the other.

Despite this, it is important that they find a way to stay present in each other’s life. The best way is by communicating and chatting openly about your stuff.

Tell him about the places you go to, the people you meet, let him see what your day is like. Also ask your partner about the things he does, his routine, and daily life. It is important to stay interested and involved, even remotely, in their lives.

3. Don’t get depressed

The distance makes the relationship very hard, especially when we are used to sharing time with that special person.

It can be very easy for sadness to dominate your life and even for you to fall into a picture of depression due to separation. You will surely be afraid of change, that your partner will forget you, stop loving you or that nothing will be the same.

And yes, certainly nothing will be as before, but that does not mean that it is negative. Many couples are strengthened by having to survive the distance, it is an important test for both.

There is no way to know the future and if they will manage to overcome the distance, but sitting down and crying is certainly not the best way to achieve it. Instead, look for distractions, sign up for a course, hang out with your friends, find alternatives to make sense of your spare time.

Socializing is necessary to have mental and emotional balance.

4. Know your weaknesses

If you are a very jealous person or have suffered abandonment, it is likely that it costs you to adjust to the distance more than it costs most people.

Many times it is not about the separation only, but about your own insecurities, which make it more difficult to get used to this situation. These insecurities can cause you anguish, deepen your sadness and even affect the relationship between the two of you.

It is then important that you reflect on yourself, your weaknesses and if they are the source of your negative emotions. That is the first step in identifying what you can do and how to handle those mixed emotions.

5. Stay in touch

Regardless of the dynamics when you were together, it is essential that communication is a priority for both in the middle of this situation of separation. If you weren’t used to talking a lot, it may take more effort to do so, but it’s essential.

It does not mean that they should talk every second, but it does mean that they have a frequent conversation to remain part of the other’s life. I’ve met couples who just need a morning text message and conversations every other day.

In this sense, it will be you who establish the way in which you best adapt to the distance to stay communicated and interconnected without abandoning your relationship but also not hindering your rhythm of life, routines, and occupations of the other.

 6. Plan what you will do when you meet

Being reunited is always exciting. That is why it is only fair that you plan a special and enjoyable activity for that time when you will be together again.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but it’s a good idea to go to the trouble of choosing a different plan. Invest in the details: meet your partner at the airport, organize a candlelight dinner, go for a walk to pleasant places.

Enjoy those times together to the fullest!

7. Have clear goals

If you want the relationship to have a future, you must give the separation a real purpose, with defined deadlines and a joint plan. Otherwise, it will be difficult for them to understand the distance and understand why to maintain the relationship despite the separation.

If you have to separate, it is important that you discuss the reasons and how long you are willing to be apart. Talk about whether one of you is willing to trade your life for the other eventually and if you really have a future.

My parents, for example, had to spend time apart for work reasons. But they decided to maintain the relationship because it would be a temporary situation and the purpose was to save enough money to get married and continue their life together. They did it!

The bigger and more understandable the goal is for both of you, the easier it is to assimilate this difficult decision and to cope with its difficulties for as long as you have to stay away.

8. Be honest

Eventually, mixed feelings may arise as a result of jealousy and poor communication, the difference in time zones, telephone coverage problems, misinterpreted messages, among many other possible reasons for discussion.

That is normal and they should assume it that way. Both can get angry, resent, and surely when they argue accusations, and accusations will arise for the accumulated emotions.

Whenever you argue, try to stay calm and have an honest conversation about what you are feeling, the real concerns that weigh you down, and try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

Be patient and always keep in mind the final objective of this separation, do not lose the north.

9. Take advantage of technology

IF decades ago the separation was insurmountable, today there are many ways to stay close despite the distance. They no longer have to wait months for a letter to arrive or even years to travel and meet again.

Technology is your best ally. Communicating immediately is very simple through WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, or any other social network they manage.

With them, they can also keep abreast of each other’s life, put faces to their new friends, and see their new life in pictures.

You will notice that the distance becomes less uncomfortable when you can see the other’s face and hear their voice live when despite the kilometers of separation, they are still only one call away.

10. Turn a deaf ear to others

Focus on your relationship now more than ever. Do not give importance to the opinions of third parties or those absurd beliefs that love cannot overcome distance. “Love from afar, happy all four” is true for some, but it is not a law of strict compliance.

If they decided to maintain the relationship despite the distance, they must commit to that decision, respect and trust each other. It is also important that you keep a positive mind because no one can live in constant worry of losing their partner.

He thinks that if they manage to pass this test, their relationship will be strengthened and both will have obtained great learning.

In conclusion

It is not easy, but it is vital that they move to this new stage with an attitude of acceptance and understanding of the changes that will come for the couple.

Missing each other will be a constant, as should communication. It is essential that each one remains interested and part of the other’s life, to become stronger and enthusiastic for the time that is left to them.

Although it lasts, this experience always leaves important learning for both of you. Each anecdote and each moment will be an opportunity to evolve, grow as people and find more reasons to thank and acknowledge the presence of the other in their lives.

Have you been in long-distance relationships? Tell us how you handled the couple’s situation. It is never easy, so if you have other tips and advice, do not hesitate to leave them in our comment box. Also your doubts and concerns, we will be attentive to attend to them.

Do not forget to share this article on your social networks. There are more and more long-distance relationships, and technology is an excellent ally to maintain communication and help your friends and acquaintances who are in this situation with these tips.