How to hide that I like a boy

When a woman likes a boy she keeps it to herself, she doesn’t want the boy to find out. Therefore, the question is, how to hide that I like a boy. Girls want their men to guess what is happening and to take the initiative to make them fall in love. If it is how they think they will accept it, if it is not, they will be disappointed.

How to hide the fact that I like a man, how to hide the fact that I like a friend, how to hide from the boy that I like. They are the questions of every shy girl or not because she begins to experience emotions that make her vulnerable. The desire for reciprocity, fear of rejection, loss of concentration, pounding of the heart, idealization, clumsiness.

The symptoms when a girl falls in love are often so strong that it is sometimes impossible to control it. How do I hide that I like a boy because this feeling escapes me through every pore of my body?

How to hide that I like a boy

Why do you want to pretend that you like a boy? You are supposed to be feeling a very beautiful emotion and it is your opportunity to express yourself. Maybe you have a little low self-esteem, you are afraid of rejection, you don’t want it to break your heart, or you just hope it will notice like most women.

Another reason why a girl wants to hide that she likes a boy is that she doesn’t want to be wrong. she wants to check that the boy really is what she thinks. Or it may be that you want to get closer without giving the wrong idea of ​​what you want. Some girls are afraid of making a fool of themselves.

1.- If he calls or writes you on your cell phone or social networks, do not respond so quickly

The normal thing is, that if the boy you like calls or writes, you respond immediately. You are so happy that I do that you cannot contain your emotion of happiness and you reply, hello….

To hide that you like it, don’t do this, don’t respond so quickly. You have to pretend that it is not important, that you can wait because you are busy with something more important.

In this way, you may let him understand that he is not interested in you. But why is he calling you? And if you don’t answer her quickly, she might call your friend… how difficult.

2.- If the boy you like asks you out, makeup more interesting plans

How to hide that I like a boy? Lies blatantly lies. Makeup things, but who are you lying to? Why would you have to deprive yourself of something nice? This is cruel, but if you are looking to hide that I like a friend, I tell you, do not hide, do not hide your low self-esteem, free yourself, get over yourself.

If he asks you out and you tell him you have other plans, he will obviously think, but I thought he liked it. He will be confused, because you want to or not, in some way, that you don’t realize, you are telling him that you like him. Get over yourself, there is nothing more beautiful than feeling free from fear.

3.- When it comes to going out with your friends and he will be there, you don’t dress up too much

An effective way to hide from the boy I like is by dressing as normal and basic as possible. For example, putting on the same or something similar to yesterday’s clothes.

No fix, not in my hair, not in my eyes, nothing. No makeup, no perfume, no showing your best smile. Pretend it’s not one of your happiest days. Does this make sense? You are really planning to hide your happiness.

Do not do it for a long time, because if you do, you will get so used to hiding your feelings, that later you will not know where they are. It is very dangerous to lose your heart, that ability to fall in love.

4.- If you have a date with the boy you like, be a few minutes late

Being late for a date is something most girls do. But if you are very interested you will try to be punctual. When you are interested, you think all day about the date you have, it even leaves long in advance. Well, you don’t have anything more important to do.

How to hide that I like a boy? Put up with the desire to be by his side and be late for the appointment. It is the best way to let him understand that I am not very interested. If he knew.

5.- To hide that you like someone you will have to repress your heart

This is not liking me. Who in his right mind will repress his heart. No thought is a good path, but there is your most powerful fear. Repressing means hurting yourself, putting your heart in prison. You are only punishing yourself.

But we all come to this for a reason, so go ahead, hide your love. But live that experience well and decide if you like such a life. you will choose to make a radical change in your life. Improve your self-esteem, improve yourself, take charge of your destiny. Be happy, woman.

6.- If he declares to you, you pretend you have to think it over

How much theater do women have to put together? Life is so simple, but we like to complicate it. But this is what most women do, hide, hide their desire to scream their emotions. You try to stay calm, but now … he can get discouraged, what is he thinking. But this is another way to disguise that I like a boy.

7.- To hide that you like a boy, you play hard

Many girls start a relationship badly by playing hard. Well, being an easy or difficult girl is only in his mind. Then your behavior will give you away completely. Well, if you do it to make sure that the boy considers you, it is not the beginning that you have to take care of, but later.

Disguising does not help, you are only fooling yourself because you cannot control all the varied manifestations of body language. Much better is to know yourself better, be authentic, and achieve a more positive inner life.

8.- Do not miss the opportunity to tell him that you are dating someone else

Concealing that you like that boy in this way can be very dangerous. Well, it can be the true love of your life, someone who wants you to be happy even without him. He can accept your decision to date someone else and walks away. Being interesting does not always get the other to be more interested.

True love will emerge later when you know each other more when you have your own love experiences. This is when you need to take care of and improve your self-esteem.

9.- How to hide that I like a boy: you do not look for him as he follows your impulses

The best way to tell a guy that he likes you is to search for him very often. Smile at him every time you see it and invite you with that gesture that you want to spend a moment with. All of that is very beautiful. But now you want to go to the opposite side, the dark side. Hide. I sincerely pity you, but I have also been there.

10.- Learn to know yourself well so that you prevent your body language from giving you away

Lastly, use your fear to overcome yourself. Because if you want to hide that you like a boy, your co-worker, etc., you have to know yourself better. You have to realize those little changes in your way of being. Because love is not something that happens consciously.

Without realizing it, you do things, because deep inside you feel that attraction. You may think that you don’t like it, but what your body feels is something else and it manifests it despite yourself. All that you can avoid, hide, if you know yourself well if you detect those manifestations of liking in time when that boy appears. It’s the best way to hide that I like a boy.