How to keep a happy marriage

Recognize that being married does not imply ties but shared freedoms. Know that between the good times and the bad times there will be extra support. Promote tolerance and love. Every aspect is fundamental to maintaining a happy marriage.

The majority of couples who fall in love end up getting married and hope to share the rest of their life in a perfect way. However, this decision is not the end point of a journey but rather an additional step in the history of the relationship. In the following article, we will tell you how to keep a happy marriage.

Getting into old age together would be wonderful. Imagine loving and caring for each other while setting an example of trust, respect, loyalty, and tolerance. Of course, thanks to love, you will be able to overcome all the obstacles that can arise in a marriage.

It is important to preserve the skills necessary to live a very fulfilling marriage. Living life happily in most aspects is essential, and marriage is one of them.

Key elements for keeping a happy marriage

Unfortunately, marriage is not a contract that guarantees that two people will stay together and be happy for the rest of their lives. So how do you preserve happiness in a marriage? There are a few general rules that can help you out and we have outlined them below:


You both need to know what you like and what you don’t like. Take a moment to discuss any mutual interests, and be sure to listen to what the other has to say.


Credibility in the couple is decisive in maintaining a healthy bond. Always tell the truth and avoid lying. On the other hand, lying is a symbol of insecurity that can cause damage in the couple.


In times of tension and anger it is best to avoid hurtful words. Often, even if the issues are clarified, there are still grievances that can build up. Remember that you are adults and if you expect respect, you must give it too.


Spending time with your spouse is important to maintain good foundation of torque. However, it is not for this reason that one should let individualities disappear. Everyone must have their private space. It is essential to let the other person live their dreams, to support them.


S**x is very important in any relationship. It avoids monotony, and having new experiences increases the pleasure. Talk about what you like and what you don’t and never let the flame of erotic desire go out.

Importance of marriage

Marriage is one of the deepest expressions of love. It defines itself as an institution which allows the creation of a link between two members. Marriage is considered the basis of society. It is one of the most important endeavors in a person’s life. A place which can become a framework of company, trust, unity, and solidarity for a couple. In addition, it marks the beginning of a family life.

In communities with the most marital unions, children, women, and men tend to be happier than those living in a society with high levels of divorce. This is not a simple private preference but a social and public good, both for the couple and for those around them.

Benefits of a happy marriage

A happy marriage brings enormous benefits to the couple not only in the physical realm, but also in the psychological realm. But it also allows both members of the couple to be more self-confident, and to enjoy greater s**xual and intimate satisfaction. Among the advantages of counting on a fulfilling union, we find:

  • People who are happy in a relationship have a lower risk of contracting cardiovascular disease. And even if they fall ill, they can count on the support of their spouse and thus benefit from a faster recovery.
  • Physical contact and closeness of the couple induces the release of oxytocin, a hormone capable of neutralizing the body’s stress responses.
  • Reaching the middle of life being happy as a couple predicts better life expectancy compared to those in conflict marriages or who are not married.
  • It is the ideal state for education. Children from healthy marriages come into adulthood with more opportunities to be successful in life.

Remember that happiness is not a goal, but a path. A union that lasts a lifetime is possible, but for that it is inevitable to learn how to keep a happy marriage.