How to know if a woman loves you: signs that she loves you

Love, without a doubt, is a feeling that unites, honors and gratifies anyone. But how difficult is it for some to understand its signs? Especially for men, since a misunderstood flirtation can lead to many inconveniences.

If you still don’t know if the girl you like is only gentle with you, or if she is overwhelmed by your attention and love, then this article is interesting for you.

1. She gives you signals

Sincerity must dominate, a woman really in love will try to let you know if she notices that you are a bit confused with her signals.

From a glance, a small note, a telephone message, or an email, emotions are manifested, telephone emoticons are one of the first resources that you will use.

So from now on if you see hearts in your messages, you can start to rejoice.

As she trusts you, and if you are behaving up to the task, it is the opportune moment for you to ask her if she loves you (you have a good chance that she will give you a yes).

2. She becomes indispensable for you

You will begin to appreciate how she cares about you, she will be attentive to know your tastes, from music to food.

Little by little your trust will be gained, until the moment you feel that you need it and that absolutely no one knows you as. Practically without appreciating him, you will end up telling her what she does not know about you or your best friend. She will recommend you, she will feel sad if you are, and when it comes to gifts, she will be the most unique.

She will make you laugh like absolutely no one else, you will be able to complain in her company, you will spend more time with her, so it should not seem strange to you if your friends reproach you. 

3. Communication and space in your itineraries

You will become her accomplice, you will get to know things that absolutely no one knows about her, and do not be surprised if she asks you for advice about work or study problems.

If she is in love with you, she will call you to greet you, wish you a happy day, and sometimes just to ask how are you feeling? This happens because he continuously thinks of you and wants you to also keep it in mind at all times.

If when you met her she had many responsibilities that practically took up her time, but she has already fallen in love with you, she will take care of altering her work schedules, projects and she will even miss classes to be able to be with you.

At night in the morning, it will give the feeling that you have all the time as if you were on vacation. Everything that was essential in his life before you will now seem trivial, his best agenda is your presence.

And it will let you know how essential you are in his life, and how exactly it has altered from the moment you entered it.

4. Surprises and physical manifestations

Love translates into details, so get ready to experience the fantastic experience of being surprised for no reason.

From unique breakfasts made by her, gifts to stimulate you in your achievements, to unexpectedly appearing at your work or your study site, day after day it will seem like your anniversary.

If she feels more than friendship for you, he will do what few do: he will accompany you to the dreaded appointment with the dentist, yes, that place where you have to wait hours to be treated and where you can only meditate on what is going on for you. to do causes you pain.

All the anatomical language changes, she will laugh more, her face will redden, her skin will go goosebumps if you touch it, possibly it will tremble a bit if she is very close to you, and if you are detail-oriented you will be able to appreciate what way her pupils dilate the moment he looks at you.

If you are still too shy to hold her hand or kiss her, wait for the typical signs: You will be surprised to see how many times she strokes your hair, hugs you, fixes your shirt. Physical contact increases when the attraction for the other is real.

The moment she fixes your hair or the collar of your shirt, take advantage of that moment to caress her face and tell her how beautiful she is, it is infallible that she smiles and even gets close enough for a kiss.

Topics will also emerge about the long-awaited future and its plans, in which you are present now as if planning what you can do together on vacation will serve as an example.

5. She makes you popular with her friends

As her main motive now you are, it is impossible for her not to lie to you, and to let her friends know who you are? what do you do? and in what way do you treat her?

Women are considerably more sociable verbally, and if she loves you, she will seek approval from her friends before she fully introduces you to her planet.

You will find yourself meeting each of her friends, and they will even plan casual encounters to confirm what she has let them know about you.

Female solidarity is really strong, if you are chivalrous with her friends, each and every one of them will quickly put you on a pedestal from which absolutely no one will simply lower you, becoming your allies in the future.

So if you want to dispel doubts about his love for you, start looking for friends in common (if they have them) because surely they already know his true feelings long before that.

If the girl loves you, she will hint at her need to know your parents, and for you to meet theirs. This means she cares about you and projects into the future with you.

6. Jealousy and protection

A woman in love is suspicious, it is inescapable for them not to show a certain antipathy towards any other female who tries to approach you.

In fact, she will let you know that she was upset by the other girl’s presence, and she will make sure to find out more about her until she can discard the idea that that other woman and they like each other.

If you are devious you could use your sister or a cousin as claims to unleash a bit of jealousy, if that happens, good luck! You are closer to having a girlfriend.

A woman very much in love will worry about you (undoubtedly the feminine protective instinct is inescapable), she will not let anything bad happen to you.

She will make sure that you feel good, eat well, sleep well, exercise, or she will be on call to assist you in completing that boring project you have pending.

If she has not offered you help yet, it is due to the fact that you may be one of those reserved men who pretend that everything is fine, but do not hesitate to ask her for some support and you will see how you can count on her.

A very unique girl is going to bring your medicines to the house and take care of you if you are in pain, if she does not do it either because she lives far away or because her work prevents her, she will seek support from your friends to cover your needs and achieve your speedy restoration.

The most essential thing is that she will endeavor to allow you in one way or another in order for you to be aware of his love and wishes for your restoration.

7) Always and in all circumstances, it looks perfect

One of the peculiarities of the woman in love is that she will fix herself continuously.

You will notice how her image changes, she will use tighter clothes, she will acquire new purses and shoes, of course, it is true that men find it difficult to appreciate these details, but if that girl is particularly interesting to you, you will have to be more observant, since this means that seeks your attention at all costs.

She will even join the gym for the purpose of strengthening her body so that your looks are solely for her.

When you see her slimmer, in new clothes, and clearly more captivating than ever, don’t light her up, she does this for you, her planet you are now.

Women are more faithful and confident in their resolutions, so no matter how many guys flatter her or try to get close to her, if she really loves you, everyone will be invisible before her eyes.