How to know if he loves me or only plays with me: 7 ways to know

Are you in a relationship, but your kid is sending you mixed signals?

Your boy tells you that he always loves you more and in all circumstances has other more essential commitments, he affirms that he always loves you more and in all circumstances, he turns to see the girls next door, sometimes he is too affectionate and then he behaves absolutely cutting.

Boys really tend to send this kind of signal all the time, which causes confusion in each and every one of us, so it is really quite difficult to know if he really loves you or is only trying to play with you.

As the years go by, life will fill you with knowledge and experiences, making it easy for you to discover the truth claims of a man with you.

Perhaps when you are fifty or sixty years old you will be a specialist in this art and of course, it is never too late to learn, however, it would be best if you learned it from now on, to avoid many headaches and affectionate disappointments.

Today I want to make the experience shorter for you, now I will affirm to you ten ways to know if a man truly loves you or only plays with you. Pay attention to the following signs:

1.  He likes you only to some degree<>

If you ask a boy if you seem attractive and he only tells you that he likes you to a certain extent, it is obvious that this boy is only playing with you.

He plays with your emotions, he tells you that he likes you more, he adds a clarification that “only up to a certain point.”

When a man is not sure of his emotions, it is not always and at all times an indication of being a “j3rk” who dedicates himself to playing with every girl that is put in front of him.

But if it is an alarm of a quite insecure boy and at least it is a clear sign that the relationship will go quite slow between, since this gender of boys always and in all circumstances takes things too slowly.

2.  He is always and at all times very lazy<>

He is the type of guy who talks a lot more at the end always and in all circumstances gives you the feeling that he did not say anything, when he speaks it seems that they have an empty talk, completely without essence, their answers are totally brief.

If you ask him what he is going to do this weekend, his most common answers are: “mmm, I don’t know, the usual” “You know … things”, “mmm … Huy this weekend I have it saturated”.

When a boy avoids seeing you and makes thousands and thousands of excuses, he clearly does not want anything serious with you, he only seeks to see you in his spare time and when he feels like it.

If you suddenly try to be part of his plans always and in all circumstances, he finds a quite “logical” reason why you cannot accompany him, we can interpret this in many ways.

Since he has a formal relationship with another person and this is the reason why absolutely no one else can see you, he does not find it interesting that you form a part of his close circle, or worse, he simply feels lazy to spend time with you, without matter a minimum why it is obvious that the guy just plays.

3. He  has other priorities<>

The guy tells you that he loves you, sometimes you can be thoughtful and romantic, but always and in all circumstances he has commitments and all the time it is useless to cancel any of them for spending time with you.

On multiple occasions in your understanding, it is not a life or death commitment, it could well be canceled and spend the afternoon with you, but in the end, it never does.

He prefers to go out with his friends, go to his mother’s house, help his brother install new equipment, go for a walk with his pet ONLY, or even spend the weekend lying on his floor without doing anything exciting.

When a boy is interested in you, he cannot detach himself from you, he wants to spend as much time with you as possible, on the other hand with a boy who only wants to play always and at all times will have an ideal pretext for not seeing you.

4. He hides his phone<>

A guy hiding his phone has something to hide, this is an unqualified rule, don’t try to excuse him.

If you have been in the relationship for a while and your boy suddenly begins to hide his cell phone clearly something is not right, try to talk with him and find out what happened to him, at the time when a relationship at the beginning worked well on a regular basis it deserves worth fighting for.

On the other hand, when your boy from the beginning hid his cell phone from you, he goes with him to each and every part, he turns it off when he is with you and he has never asked you to answer for him and on no occasion has he lent it to you, not even to order for you to use the camera.

It is a sign that plays with you, it is most likely that you have a “second front” or that you are, while the other relationship is your primary love, in such a case it is not worth doing any effort to save the relationship, the best thing you can do is get rid of it immediately.

5. He  introduces you as his friend<>

Without any caveat, all the time they meet someone you know of your kid they present you as their “friend” the downside is, if they have already spent the night together, they have shared many hours, they kiss all the time, clearly, that is not exactly a friendship.

He should present you as his girlfriend at least out of politeness, but he doesn’t seem to care much about what you think in this regard.

Now that you know this, you might be wondering, is there anything worse than being presented as his friend in a situation like the one above, or if you already consider him the love of your life and have you ever thought about the name of his children?

The answer is YES, there is something worse: DO NOT INTRODUCE YOU!

If on some occasion you go with your boy and suddenly your boy meets a friend and decides to simply say hello, talk a bit with the other girl, chat about trivial topics and say goodbye immediately, your boy obviously couldn’t forget to introduce you.

He simply did not really feel like it, he decided that the best option is simply not to mention your existence, this boy clearly plays with you, it is best that you distance yourself as soon as possible.

6. Cancels  you all the time<>

If your boy and they already made big plans for that night and suddenly he receives a call from a friend inviting him to have a few beers in a bar and your boy is able to cancel the plan with you even if they already have everything ready.

He clearly does not want to be with you, nor does he care enough for you to spend any time with you.

When women fall in love, we don’t tend to react too quickly, we try to justify this person’s behavior and pretend that nothing is wrong or that it doesn’t hurt.

But in this case, from point six, the disinterest of the person is evident, do not accept this kind of abuse You deserve better!

7. He  never talks about his feelings<>

Your boy and they tend to talk very August, they spend beautiful moments, but when it comes to love, he closes absolutely and refuses to talk about it.

Many guys can feel sad when talking about their feelings, but when a couple opens their hearts and talks clearly about how they feel about them, men tend to react reciprocally and end up opening their hearts after your confession.

But things are different with your boy, when you try to dialogue with him in this regard, instead of paying attention and feeling that trust is advancing, try to distance yourself immediately, since for one reason or another he never has the mood to chat about feelings.