How to know if he thinks he is in a serious relationship

To know if you are in a serious relationship with a man, you need to be sure you can trust him.

But if you are sure that your relationship is important to you, what about his? To succeed in determining it, here are some unmistakable signs!

Paradoxically, to find out if your partner considers your relationship with all the seriousness necessary, it is to you that you must turn: do you feel that you trust him?

Trust is one of the essential components of a serious relationship.

If you cannot trust him and you live in perpetuity for fear that he will deceive you or that you will avoid entrusting him with some of your secrets that you consider too personal, it is that he gives you reasons to ‘do so.

I am not talking about visible signs, but rather an impression that he makes you that you distrust him.

It is precisely this impression that will allow you to determine if he considers your relationship to be serious.

If so, he will do everything to make you understand that you have nothing to fear with him and to make you feel safe.

If it isn’t, he’ll take these kinds of considerations over the leg.

Result: you will feel that you cannot trust him. It is an indicator of the affection he has for you.

Then, to find out if you are important to your companion, analyze how they integrate you into their schedule and their projects.

If he is late for your appointments, cancels them, or even forgets them, I think you have your answer.

You don’t have to panic, but still, try to have a discussion with him about the place he is ready to give you in his life.

His attachment to you can also be expressed in the way he listens to you.

Does he ever remind you of the things you said several months ago? Remember what you like and what you don’t like? Is he trying to make an effort after an argument?

If the answer to all of these questions is “yes”, it is because your partner is very interested in you and that he believes that your relationship really matters.

Last but not least, if your partner includes you in his plans for the future, you can be sure that he considers your relationship to be serious.

I’m not necessarily talking about the house in Dordogne, the children, and the car, but just a few comments slipped in and out like: “My CE will offer me prices on trips to New York for 6 months, that will say? “, this kind of things.

Remember that men are not the pros of engagement. So, for them, these kinds of sentences are really a step forward!