How to know if you are in love in 15 indisputable signs

Love is something complex, and it is not always easy to understand the feelings we have towards the other person. You may have trouble distinguishing a loving feeling from a simple infatuation. You may not even want to admit that you have fallen for that person.

But how do you know if you are in love? In this article, we explain the 15 signs that indicate without a doubt that what you feel for that person is more than affection and can be called love.

How do I know if I am in love with that person?

If you identify with all these signs and are happy about it, you are definitely more than just fond of him.

1. You always think about him

To know if you are in love you must first ask yourself who you are thinking of before going to sleep. Or when a message arrives. Or when you are on the subway. Or at work. Or really at any time of the day, since he most likely occupies most of your thoughts.

You will also know it when anywhere you see things that remind you of him. In the supermarket the song that he hums will sound, each dog that you cross in the street will remind you that he loves dogs or that car that has passed will be the color of his favorite sweater. Don’t worry, this obsession is part of the falling in love process.

2. Mood swings

Another way to know if you are falling in love with someone is when you begin to notice mood swings or emotional and psychological instability. Poets and philosophers may have alluded to this when they said that love involves a bit of madness.

If you feel that your mood oscillates between euphoria and fear, you have trouble sleeping, you have lost your appetite, your heart is racing or you feel anxiety … it is indeed love. It’s like riding a roller coaster of mixed feelings.

When we are in love, our brain generates hormones such as dopamine and serotonin, which make us feel excited and happy. In short, it makes us see everything in pink. And it even creates addiction!

3. You laugh at all his jokes

It doesn’t matter how absurd your jokes or comments are. Even the most absurd will make you smile. You will laugh out loud at jokes that at another time would have produced a grimace of indifference. And is that any nonsense that comes out of his mouth will be funny and you will be willing to let him know.

4. You gawk at him

It might seem like a cliché, but if you stare at him stupidly and without realizing it, we‘re sorry: you’re in love with him. You can’t help but throw glances at him when he doesn’t see you, or else you gawk at him smiling when he’s talking to you. The looks give away, and if you were a cartoon, rest assured that you would have two hearts for eyes when you look at it.

5. You only have eyes for him

If you are really in love you will only have eyes for him. If you just got out of a relationship or were having trouble forgetting someone else, that person will become a thing of the past. You will have forgotten when was the last time you thought about your ex. Or even when you stopped looking at other guys. He will become the only one.

6. You enjoy things that you didn’t like before

You hate bowling, but if he invites you, you will enjoy going bowling like never before. We do not assure you that it will become your favorite hobby, but every moment with him will be a good time, even in activities that you did not like before.

It is also likely that you will become interested in the hobbies or hobbies that you practice. This does not have to imply a lack of personality, but rather a genuine interest in the person you love and everything that he or she likes.

7. You want to know everything about him

And this genuine interest will lead you to want to know everything about him. What have you eaten today? How was your day? Which is your favorite song? How small was he? From the simplest question to the most profound, you will be wanting to know him better and to know all his secrets.

8. You take the opportunity to talk about him with any excuse

We already know that you think about him all day, but what will give you away the most will be your desire to talk about him. And it will not even have to be conscious. Without realizing it, you will be mentioning it in every conversation with your friends or your co-workers. Most likely, they are the ones who make you notice that you have become monothematic.

9. You like whatever he does

You may not know yet if you are in love, but if there is one thing for sure, it is that love blinds us. We tend to focus on the positive and ignore the other person’s flaws when we fall in love. Whatever he does, he will remain perfect in your eyes. And if there is still something that bothers you, you will continue to love him in the same way.

However, this can be a problem if the other person has an attitude or behavior that may be hurting you. In this other article, we help you detect the signs that indicate when a relationship is toxic so that you can avoid it in time.

10. You care about him

We are not talking only about showing interest in him, but about showing real interest in his well-being. If what you feel for him is genuine, your concern for him will be, too, and whatever problems he may be going through will affect you in the same way.

11. You put him before anything

And this interest will lead you to make small sacrifices for him without even questioning them. That you have to take two trains and a bus to go see him for a while? It will not be a problem! Are you at home with a cold but he tells you to go out? Some tissues fix it! You will be looking forward to spending time with your loved one and nothing will come between you and him.

This is just one more sign that shows that you are to the bone for him, but watch out! Always avoid neglecting other aspects of your life: not all sacrifices are justifiable.

13. You include him in all your plans

If what you feel for the other person is love, another factor that will confirm it is that you think of him to carry out any activity. Beyond wanting to go to the movies or go out to eat together, you will think about including it in all the events you plan. Because without a doubt you will not want anything other than to spend time with him.

12. Makes you feel safe

And we are not just talking about you seeing him as a kind of Bruce Willis who would protect you from any danger or that at his side you would be capable of doing anything crazy, that too. With him, you can be yourself and you are not afraid that he will know all your most embarrassing secrets. It makes you feel security and trust that you hardly feel with other people.

14. You consider introducing him to your family

When you are in love, you feel like you want to share that feeling with others. You are so proud of the other person that you are wanting everyone around you to know him or her. Including your parents! It is natural that if you are in front of the person who makes you feel this way, you want your friends and family to be part of it.

15. You see a future by his side

If what you feel is true love for that person, imagine what a future can be by their side … and you like what you see! If in your head you have imagined what it might be like to be with him or to live a life by his side, rest assured that you really love him.