How to know if your ex has already forgotten you: 11 signs to look for

You miss him. You would like to return with him but you do not know if you have many possibilities.

The truth is that none of them likes to spend time and energy on the impossible, so before you continue thinking and suffering for him, the best thing you can do is discover if he has already overcome you or not. In this way, you will know if you still have hope or if you better appeal to practicality and move on to something else.

If it has already surpassed you, why shouldn’t you be able to do the same? Look carefully at each and every sign and use them to make a realistic determination.

In addition, you must estimate that there is a reason why it is called “overcome”, that is, when that happens, he no longer feels anything for you. Not good, not bad. Although it is not like being the same as before meeting because with the antecedent that exists it will be really difficult for love to be born again.

That is why it is essential that you learn to notice if he has already overcome you or still has feelings for you.

If your ex- presents 2 or more of the following behaviors, you can be pretty sure that he surpassed you and you should turn your attention to something else for mental health.

1. Holds distance

It is one of the first ways to know if he has already overcome you, although it is not decisive.

The truth is that your ex may be distancing himself from the fact that he no longer has any interest in approaching you, it is adequate, but perhaps there is the possibility that he is doing it for exactly the opposite reasons. That is, he still feels too much for you and does not know how to handle the proximity.

To be able to know if he is distancing himself because he has already overcome you or because he cannot bear to have you close, due to the fact that he is very angry, hurt, or does not want to be tempted to return with you.

You need to favor at least one meeting since precisely his way of behaving when he cannot avoid seeing you is the one that will give you the clue you need.

2. He does not show emotions towards you

This point is fundamental. Suppose your ex takes a long distance and you have no way of knowing if it is because he no longer cares about you or because he still feels very intense things for you and does not want to try them.

To be able to know, you need to really examine how he behaves with you when they finally meet.

If your ex greets you affectionately, without appreciation but neither resentment nor anger, it is most likely that he or she has outgrown you. On the other hand, if you notice that spark of longing in his eyes, or you still notice him resentful, it is because something inside him has not yet finished its cycle with you.

If your ex totally ignores you and even does what he can to avoid having to chat with you or get close to you at all, you can be sure that he has not gotten over you, but that he is quite upset.

The other alternative is that he thinks you are very angry with him and does not want to favor an unpleasant scene.

3. You see him happy without you

It is really difficult to admit reality when it is obvious that our ex is with someone else and besides that he is happy. The moment a person starts a new romance, they only have thoughts for it and ex-partners begin to take a sensitive role in the background.

It doesn’t matter much exactly what conditions they ended up in, whose fault it was, or how much they loved each other. If you see him happy with someone else, maybe it is a good time to admit that they surpassed you.

On the contrary, if every time you see your ex- he does everything in his power to prove to you how fantastic his life is without you, and how happy he is with other people, it is because he wants to make you feel bad or suspicious and that only happens when he still has a grudge against you, that is, he has not totally overcome you.

4. Does not show interest with your contact attempts

When an ex has gotten over you, they will respond to your messages sooner or later, albeit with monosyllables and trying to “show” that they no longer care about you. But an ex who overcame you is simply going to let you down. And if you are insistent, it is very possible that I even blocked you.

Learning to notice not-so-subtle subtleties is essential to know if you are fighting a losing battle, or if there is still someone ready to perceive, albeit deep down, on the other end of the phone.

5. He does not look for you

Another of the signs that you were overcome is that the pretexts that we always and in all circumstances use to contact our ex-partners seem to have disappeared.

He no longer cares if you kept his phone charger or his favorite sweatshirt and he doesn’t even contact you to ask for them.

On the other hand, if by chance mutual friends always and in all circumstances have a message to give you or send intercessors even for the easiest things, he is probably still very angry, is trying to distance himself, or is overwhelmed by proving that he is you. exceeded, although it is not true.

All extremes are suspect.

6. He has a new relationship

There are few indications as clear as the fact that your ex is already dating someone else. However, the situation needs to be examined in a little more detail.

First of all, you could be dating someone else out of spite. This is common when things ended in a hurry and what he is trying to do is make you jealous or pretend that he no longer needs you.

But if the relationship was no longer going well and they were already emotionally worn out, the fact that he is dating someone else is probably an indication that he got over you. Still, that he wanted to be with someone else while he was still dating you.

When your ex spends some time without dating absolutely anyone after breaking up with you, and only after multiple months begins another relationship, it is very possible that he really has already overcome you since he allowed the necessary time to let go of his feelings towards you.

7. They do not regret having finished

One of the most accurate signals to know that your ex has overcome you is when you continually hear him make allusions to the past relationship. How to remember the good times that they lived together or the places they went to. Essentially, your topic of conversation still has a lot to do with the relationship that you no longer have.

But when the comments are aimed at making it clear that the best thing for both of them was to finish, and in addition to this, he asserts that in his opinion the two are better separated, it is very possible that he means it, and that he affirms it by the fact that perhaps you feel that you want to return, but not.

Sometimes very confusing situations appear in which we once again have fear with an ex- and we interpret it as the beginning of a reconciliation, but the other party only interprets it as something temporary. So it is best, to be honest, enough with each other to avoid misunderstandings.

8. They suppress you from social networks

When your ex-partner has not gotten over you, chances are they will spend a lot of time on your social networks trying to figure out how you are doing without him. But neither is the fact that they delete you and delete you from their networks is a guarantee that they have surpassed you.

Rather, it can reflect that he is angry and that is, after all, continuing to feel something for you.

But when your ex continues to have as a “friend” on social networks but stops following you and fully interacting with your publications, perhaps it is due to the fact that for him you are just one more contact.

You can check if he has already overcome you by interacting with certain of his publications, and if he really no longer feels anything for you, his answers will remain.

9. They do not call you by your name

When your ex stops referring to you by name and begins to use pronouns like “she” “my ex” “that girl”, it means that the personal bond he felt with you is dissolving and he no longer wants to give you that place relevance in your life.

We have all done the funny thing in which we know that the or the ex- of someone is “unnameable”, but that is rather when the person in question continues so angry or they ended up so badly, that the mere mention of their name provokes unpleasant and negative feelings.

One thing is that he no longer uses your name due to the fact that he no longer feels connected, in which case he has already overcome you, and another thing is that you are unnameable since in such a case you probably continue to make him feel intense things.

10. Anatomical language

When your ex has outgrown you, their anatomical language can take one of 2 variations. Or try to get closer and also bend over towards you to be as in contact as possible. Or he begins to express the opposite anatomical language, moving very obviously away so that everyone realizes that he “doesn’t want you around.”

In either of those 2 extremes, you can be reassured that he hasn’t gotten over you. But if his anatomical language is normal and relaxed when he is around you, it is surely because you no longer produce strong feelings for him, for good or bad.

Now you know. Before you try to return to him, look at the signals he sends. If you still try to reach out and respond to contact attempts, you have a good chance.

If he behaves extremely distant and tries to make it obvious that he got over you, then he hasn’t gotten over you, but he continues angry, which at the end of the day also leaves you with a good chance.

But if your ex has already entered the zone of being happy without you and not experiencing any kind of intense sensation at the moment they see you, it is that they have overcome you, and maybe you should do the same.