How to know that a love relationship is going nowhere

Relationships are complex. Living the phase of infatuation is one of the greatest illusions of all human beings. It is a process that fills us with enthusiasm and helps us to strengthen the beginning of our relationship as a couple.

However, with the passage of time, things change. The intense emotions of the beginning are left behind and other types of attitudes appear. This is natural, but can sometimes be a sign of stagnation. If you feel like your relationship is going nowhere, you are interested in reading this.

How to know that a love relationship is going nowhere

There are clear signs that a relationship has stalled. If two people have decided to be in a couple, ideally they should be committed to contributing to their personal growth, as well as reaching their goals and objectives together.

For various reasons, relationships wear out and stagnate. It’s like nothing happens. They do not go backward or forwards. However, it is difficult to detect that the relationship is at this point. We show you some of the signs to look for to see if a relationship is going nowhere.

1. Evasion

A clear sign that the relationship is not moving forward is that the subject is evaded. If they have not established a formal relationship by going from friends to boyfriends, or if they have not talked about formalizing their relationship as dating, it may be that when trying to talk about it, excuses arise or that they simply avoid talking about it out of discomfort.

Without these conversations, the relationship is going nowhere. That is, it does not end, but it does not go to the next level either. If by bringing it up, your partner steers the conversation the other way or gets angry and just doesn’t respond, you’re running away, preventing the relationship from moving forward.

2. No common goals

A healthy relationship maintains plans and projects together. From simple situations like planning an upcoming date, to more serious commitments like getting married or living together.

It is always an illusion to have some plan in common. In the short or long term, it is a situation that unites them as a couple. But if there are none or there is complete disinterest and lack of enthusiasm, then you are likely to find yourself in a relationship that is going nowhere.

3. Unfulfilled promises

When a person does not make an effort to fulfill what he promises, it is a sign of disinterest. It can always happen that various factors prevent us from carrying out something we promised, but when this is recurrent, it is a red flag.

If your partner offers you something to compensate for your anger or sadness but never complies, you should ask yourself if it is an extraordinary situation, or is it just another sign that there is no longer enough interest in the relationship.

4. Problems without solutions

In all relationships there are problems, but there are also solutions. Conflicts are normal and even necessary, but the way they are resolved distinguishes a healthy relationship from one that is not.

When there is a genuine interest in reaching agreements, it is mainly because you are thinking about the welfare of the other and the good of the relationship. If this is not happening and they are caught up in endless discussions, surely there is a lack of interest in reaching a solution.

5. Disinterest

When two people love each other, they are interested in each other. This is demonstrated in simple but meaningful details. A call or message asking how your day is going. Getting involved in the other’s plans or goals and getting excited or concerned along with it.

In a healthy relationship, you don’t even have to ask for attention to comment on our important events. But if it happens that when they meet the other person does not ask or take the initiative to talk about it, then it is a clear sign of lack of interest.

6. Apathy

Being with the person we love causes enthusiasm, enthusiasm, and tranquility. Although it is a very long relationship, being in the company of your partner causes special emotions. Perhaps no longer the impetus of the beginning, but a feeling of well-being.

When a relationship is stagnant, there is a clear attitude of apathy. It can even go a long time without seeing each other or having continuous contact, without the other person showing genuine interest in seeing each other, on the contrary, it is as if we do not matter.

7. Bad mood

A long-lasting close relationship has been through all states of mind. In the stage of infatuation, most of the time we are happy and excited, we show our best side because that is how we feel.

After this stage, that continuous good humor and spirit begin to diminish. Other moods appear and we get to know each other in all our facets. But if a bad mood is the most common way that your partner presents, it is a sign of distancing.

8. Toxic attitudes

All the above attitudes are considered toxic when they predominate in the relationship, causing discomfort. Being in a troubled relationship is a clear sign that you are stuck. Surely there is no genuine interest in continuing, but there is also difficulty in finishing.

If it happens that in the face of difficulties, there is no disposition to solve the problems and continue, we are facing a clear sign that the relationship is stagnant and is going nowhere. In these circumstances, it is best to take the initiative and think seriously about ending the relationship.