How to maintain the balance between your relationship as a couple and your life?

Maintaining your individuality and your personal space, just like feeling valued and respected, are essential elements in maintaining a healthy balance between your relationship as a couple and your life.

How do you feel in your relationship? Are you sure you both have and are giving each other the space you need? Or do you instead feel a bit smothered and about to lose a part of you and your essence? What is certain is that it is entirely possible to maintain the balance between your relationship as a couple and your life. But that requires, on the other hand, the respect of certain stages and certain rules.

Couple relationships are complex. Indeed, they are based on emotions. And each person has different expectations of the other. Read on and find out how to be happy without upsetting your own well-being.

Tips to preserve the balance between your relationship and your life

Remember: one lost, ten found

One of the issues that will prevent you from balancing your relationship with your life is the fear that your partner will find someone else and leave you.

When a person concentrates their efforts to prevent this from happening, it is quite normal that they fall into some kind of vicious cycle that leads them to get lost on the way.

  •  Do you put aside your personality or your loved ones to please that person? If so, take the time to understand why you are doing it.
  • Changing for the sake of improving oneself is perfectly acceptable. On the other hand, what is not is to do it only so as not to feel abandoned. It’s important to prioritize your self-esteem and self-esteem before this person.
  • If that person shows you that they don’t love you for the way you are, then it’s probably best to move on with your life and give yourself a chance to get to know someone else.

Try new things

To maintain the balance between your relationship and your life, it is also essential to remember that your experiences and your life should not be limited to those of your spouse.

  • Stick to your hobbies, even the ones you don’t share with your spouse, and practice them on your own. This will allow you to keep an alert mind, to have new topics of conversation with your spouse, and also to strengthen other relationships.
  • In this case, it is important that you maintain a certain level of independence. Sometimes it’s better to be a little selfish and decide to do the things that make you happy.

Remember you are in control of your life

Do you feel that you are having problems maintaining the balance between your relationship and your life because this person constantly puts pressure on you?

In this case, you absolutely must set limits on matters that are beyond your purview. It is also important to be clear about the influence that your partner’s opinions and decisions can have.

  • It’s understandable that being in a relationship, you worry about your partner and try to help them. However, you won’t be able to change it or fix its issues.
  • Plus, he (or she) shouldn’t take control of your life or the way you lead it.

Trust your partner or end your relationship

Are you having trouble maintaining a balance between your relationship and your life because you are always thinking that this person is cheating on you? In this case, you have to make a decision: continue like this or work on your jealousy.

When a couple has overcome infidelity or one of them does not trust the other, it is common to see that person permanently on the back of their spouse.

There are reactions which are very clear examples. Like asking where he is all the time or getting upset when he is dating other people.

  • If you are in this situation, it is important that you understand that continuing like this will make you unhappy.
  • If you believe that this person isn’t giving you the freedom or the confidence you need, you need to take a step back to see if there is still something to save.

Have confidence in yourself

One of the things that will help you maintain your balance is having enough self-confidence. It is closely linked to jealousy.

  • If you don’t think you’re a good or nice enough person, it will be difficult for you to feel comfortable with your partner.
  • Tell yourself that if this person is with you, it is because they have seen something in you that they like and that they admire.

If you have a hard time realizing all of this, we recommend that you take couples therapy. It will give you the tools to love yourself and to deal with the complex situations we all face.

Remember that being with someone doesn’t have to define who you are. It is entirely up to you.

Don’t sacrifice everything for this relationship

Maintaining balance in your relationship and in your life depends a great deal on your ability to think of yourself first.

Any couple relationship implies a responsibility towards the other person and the existing bond. However, this should never represent a sacrifice.

Have you gotten to the point where you feel you gave your all to the other and got nothing in return? Remember that everyone must place themselves at the center of their universe.