How to make a difficult decision without having any regrets

Doubts are incessant in our life. Without you appreciating it, every action we take is a resolution that we must narrow down. Drink water, walk, sit or go to the bathroom, each and every one of them are small resolutions that are a part of our daily lives. They are so common that we are not fully aware of them, the information is simply processed quickly and we move forward.

But there are answers that require greater concentration, that involve greater danger, and are therefore more difficult enough. They are those resolutions that imply important changes, that are a huge bet, that very often we find it difficult to take.

From deciding to move, move work or emigrate from the country; many are the resolutions that are going to put you in a complex situation. The pressure to take the right action can leave you feeling overwhelmed, worried, and as a consequence, you can become paralyzed. Faced with complexity, taking action can be a tempting alternative.

Don’t let fear take over. Rather difficult resolutions are going to be a part of your life, so instead of avoiding them, the best thing you can do is ponder your options and expose yourself. Change is inescapable.

How to get it? There are many forms that can work differently from each of them. Here we present a series of practical tips that you can take into account the next time you are worried to decide your path.

1. Visualize your future

Reflect on yourself, your future, and what you want to see in it. The life plan that you have must be the basis on which you make the resolutions that are presented to you.

Think about your values, the center of your vision for the future, write them down. Make sure your resolutions stick to that line, that they somehow lead you down that path.

This is not to say that you cannot be flexible. It is not about having each step written, that would bring you frustrations because life never happens exactly as one expects. But it is worth having some life guides, some general guidelines that reflect who you are and who you want to be.

When you have to face a huge resolution, analyze it based on those values ​​and that vision. Does it bring you closer to your goals? Does it reflect who you are? Are you going to be happy or are you going to be satisfied with that measure?

2. Evaluate each and every one of the alternatives

Each resolution has 2 views. The moment you face a problem or a huge resolution, make a list of disadvantages and advantages.

Evaluate each possible scenario, each possible consequence (that you can ponder), compare it with your vision of life, and ask yourself: do the pros outweigh the cons? With which scenario would you feel most comfortable? Would you be able to carry your conscience if you make a choice?

3. Check with your friends 

Friends are staunch allies when it comes to taking the right path.

If you are not sure about a resolution you are going to take, call 2 or 3 of your closest and trusted friends. Propose your doubts and your options to them, having another vision of the situation will help you to think about things differently, to perceive new ideas, and to clarify the panorama a bit more.

4. Connect with yourself

Whether you are religious or not, very often it is necessary to have a spiritual connection with oneself to assist us in guiding ourselves in the face of doubts. Call it God, inner voice, or intuition, very often we already know what we want but we have not listened to our wishes carefully.

Take some time alone, take a deep breath and meditate, or pray, or just breathe. It’s about getting into a calm state where you can see your options without so much pressure. Just lowering the burden is already a huge leap forward to instantly making pretty tough resolutions. It helps you meditate more clearly.

5. Let fortune decide

I don’t mean it literally. When the resolution is critical, leaving everything to chance would be highly irresponsible. But believe it or not, sometimes “playing” not to meditate and gambling blindly can help you meditate.

How? Take a coin and assign each option to one of its faces. Throw it in the air. I assure you that as it falls, inside you will know the answer because you will be begging to see one of the 2 options in the palm of your hand.

6. Study and experiment

Sometimes it is not necessary just to imagine, you must study and test the options you have at hand.

If you are thinking of moving to another city, visit the new destination for a few days so that you can experience its daily reality for a bit; If you think about ending a relationship, take a separate time before giving the final closure; If you want to try a job, visit it for two days and observe its surroundings.

This experience, even if it is brief and does not represent the totality of the situation, can help you decide or at least give you elements so that you can better orient yourself in the situation you will face.

7. No regrets 

Once you’ve made up your mind, move on down that path, without looking back. In life, always and in all circumstances, you will be presented with many options and there is no way of knowing which could be the best.

You simply chose a path, which you can change over time, but in which you will not be able to advance if you continually ask yourself “what would have happened if …?”

Trust that you made the best resolution, based on your desires, values, and the information you had at hand. You cannot guess if it is going to be the right one, you can only live it and re-calculate your path if necessary.

In conclusion

Big resolutions can produce pressure and cause fear, but it is in your hands to transform them also into essential experiences for your personal progress.

You will never have a guarantee on your resolutions. Absolutely no one can predict the future and, the truth, insecurity is an essential part of life. Resolutions are part of it, you will not be able to avoid them, so it is best to use them as learning.

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