How to make a long-distance relationship work?

A long-distance relationship is not always a choice. How, then, organize your life to make your relationship work from a distance? And, how to manage the separation? Life sometimes forces us to live apart from our other half. Work or family obligations may force us to reside in different cities, or even countries around the world. And when you embark on these kinds of adventures, you don’t really know what to expect.

We question many things: the love we have for each other, the stability of the relationship, intimacy, and communication. However, strong and loving couples can easily operate a long-distance relationship.

The distant couple breaks the routine even if the physical separation can be difficult to bear

Physical separation can make love even stronger. This test reinforces the feelings and maintains the flame. With the distance, no routine, conflict or boredom! You are completely devoted to each other when you communicate. You have lots of things to tell you.

The reunion is, then, always unforgettable, it is a new meeting each time: you feel butterflies in the belly, your heart beats at full speed, your hands are sweaty and your stress level reaches new heights!

How about hugs? Under the duvet, things get more serious because love at a distance fuels desire! Apparently, couples living faraway open up to each other more easily and share more intimate moments. Even better, these relationships would last longer!

Unfortunately, some people find it difficult to endure separation on a daily basis. Coming home from work and finding no one to comfort and pamper us is difficult. Love from a distance requires a lot of strength! And compromises!

Love from a distance is possible

According to the proverb “Away from the eyes, far from the heart”, the love and attraction of two people weaken over time, if they are physically separated. However, at a time when it has never been easier to take a plane or to communicate, many examples contradict this assertion! Distance is no longer synonymous with absence! It is now possible to speak to your loved one even if he is on the other side of the Atlantic.

To make a long-distance relationship work, trust and patience are essential. You must be completely faithful and blindly have faith in your partner. If you start to have doubts about her sincerity, your love at a distance will not work. In addition, you need to be patient (you know this is temporary).

The keys to the success of a long-distance relationship

Even if trust is the basis of any long-distance relationship, communication is essential. Send regular love text messages and tender emails or videos. For this, you simply need to have a good internet connection. You have to be imaginative and spice up your couple!

The secret of the success of love at a distance is the fact of keeping its daily rhythm, that is to say not to live on time for your partner (if he or she is in another time zone ). Just try to plan special times, when it suits you both.

In addition, do not distance yourself from your family or friends; keep practicing your daily activities. Indeed, if you forget yourself in the distant couple, your relationship will not hold up because you still need to live your real life.

If you want to be sure of a successful long-distance relationship, here are 5 essential tips to follow: 

1. Don’t talk every day

This may seem strange since communication is the basis of the remote couple. However, your conversations should mostly be qualitative, rather than quantitative. You have the choice: either you can send daily texts with all the details of your day or you can make a phone call every two days which will allow you to focus on the essentials!

The problem with long-distance relationships is that boredom sets in quickly: after a while, you are tired of sending daily emails on all the little details because you would like to experience all this with your partner. But, you can’t!

If you send messages every day, the feeling of lack will only get worse. On the other hand, if you decide to call yourself every two or three days, you will be impatiently awaiting this call and you will be happy to speak and share your new experiences.

2. Create a routine

Choose one evening per week that will be your date. For example, you can watch a movie or your favorite TV series. It will make you feel like you are still close and still have intimate moments.

You can do this with any activity you both enjoy. This leaves you with a time slot during which you do not talk about your day, your work or the personal problems you have: you only focus on your relationship and your couple from a distance.

3. Organize your life as if you had no partner

Sometimes when you miss someone, it’s the only thing you can think of. Of course, everything would be better if your partner was near you to share every moment. But, this puts a lot of pressure on your relationship.

After a while, you’re just going to talk about the fact that you miss each other and you’re both going to be sad and depressed. It’s not very fun! You must continue to live your life (not as if you were single, but almost).

Even if it is difficult, continue to practice your favorite activities, organize evenings with friends and play sports: you will thus control your stress and your anxiety will not take over! In addition, the more active you are, the more conversation topics you will have to share.

4. Decide together on the maximum time you are willing to spend separate

When the distance between you is important, it can be difficult to see each other regularly. Few of us are millionaires so flying often for thousands of miles is not always an option.

In addition, we all have things that we must do: work, study and take care of our family or ourselves. However, in a long-distance relationship, it is important too, sometimes, be unreasonable! Indeed, to survive the long-distance couple must be your priority.

Choose deadlines together, for example, every two months and organize a meeting. You can take turns traveling or meet halfway. The main thing is to see yourself and, therefore, you must save and sacrifice.

5. Spice up your intimate life

There are many ways to keep your intimate life exciting. You can send naughty texts or emails; you can try cyber s ex and be creative with intimate toys. Love at a distance is difficult because we miss physical contact.

But it is also an opportunity to show yourself creative and imaginative. Think of it as foreplay (very, very long) until your next meeting.

Do not hesitate to use this time to talk about what makes you really happy, what you should improve in your relationship and your future plans. Now is the perfect time to create a solid foundation that will allow you to start your honeymoon phase when you can live together!