How to Make a Man Fall Deeply in Love With You

Love is like mayonnaise, it either takes or it doesn’t. However, at the start of a relationship, when the other does not yet know us well, it’s all about attitude. Here are some tips to make him madly in love.

Let him come at his own pace

Men have a hunting instinct, they hate when it’s done at all. In a relationship, it is very important to give the man his role, his virility. Let him come at his own pace, let him chase you. You must be a prize to win!

You first!

A woman who has a busy life is very attractive to a man. It is said that you have dreams in your head and goals that are important to you. Show him that you have a busy life, that he will have to fight for you to make room for him. No, but!

Be sure of yourself

Don’t ask him constantly where he is, with whom, if he is thinking of you. If you choke it, you’ll lose it. Running after a man is the best way to scare him away. So, live your relationship day to day, let it happen naturally and you will be fine. 

Flatter his ego

Behind their strong appearance, men are very sensitive who also need to be reassured. So, do not hesitate to give him a few compliments here and there, he will be in heaven. 

Don’t put pressure on

Don’t tell him “tomorrow we should have a child, next month we get married, then we buy a house and a dog …”. The goal is not to scare him away. It takes longer for a man to get attached so be patient and you will see, it will be okay.