How to make a man jealous

You just met and that person just knocked you out. But somehow he seems indifferent to you. Now it’s your turn, but what should you do? Does it help make the man jealous? True to the motto: “What you love is also provoked?” So, theoretically, he can go hunting. Isn’t that what men want – or could this plan backfire in the end?

What makes men jealous?

Making a man jealous is not that difficult. Use the following four tips to set up your date.

1. Don’t cast a spell on your appearance alone

Before you’ve even exchanged a word on the first date, you can piss off a man – with the right first-date outfit. If you’ve decided on an exciting look, you’re sure to catch a glance or two from other men on your way to the communal table. It won’t leave your pair without a trace! Show him that you’re not just there for him.

2. Keep some things to yourself

If you want to make a man jealous, you should bet on secrets. For example, you can tell him about another man, but don’t explain if the other person asks. Or you can make him jealous of your ex by mentioning a previous relationship without going into more detail.

3. Show him that he is not the center of your life

What makes men jealous? It’s actually quite simple: other men drive their chosen one crazy in the process of getting to know each other because he hasn’t won him over yet. Show him that he’s not number one in your life (yet). For example, if you have a best friend, talk more often about how great they are for you. Or skip a meeting to go to the party with your girls.

You may also take a while to respond to the message. That way, you give him the feeling of being independent and having both feet on the ground – this makes men very jealous!



4. Enjoy your life when you want to make a man jealous

Let him know how much you love your life and that you can live well without him. It shows that you are basically not dependent on his company and that even though you are single, you are very comfortable in your own skin. For example, plan adventure trips with your best friend and share photos on social media. At the same time, a happy life is attractive – because the chosen one knows exactly who they can steal horses from in the future.

Men and Jealousy: What Reaction Should You Expect?

If you want to make a man jealous, you’ll have to wait for his reaction. Because attempts to tease your potential partner have not left him without a trace. Therefore, you should expect the following behaviors:

1. He will be angry

Over time, your provocative behavior can arouse an inner rage in him. Anger can mainly be vented against the other men in your life or against your girlfriends. If you keep giving preference to other people in your life and flirting for them, your environment will not remain untouched. And even if your friends can’t help it at first – jealous men can develop a real hatred for their circle of friends.

2. He’ll ask if you’re interested

If you act nonchalant, remain mysterious, and don’t specifically allow your boyfriend to be a part of your life, he’ll quickly ask himself, “Is she even interested in me? Or is she just playing with my feelings? ”

3. He will keep his distance

If you’ve made a man jealous by not contacting him or canceling dates for a long time, your counterpart is likely to fight back with the same weapons. Because, of course, your attempts to make him jealous can even turn into a game. If he interferes, you are quickly the one to fall. Jealous men can quickly become offended.

4. He will break contact

In the long run, he is very likely to break off contact. If you obviously want to challenge him or make fun of him, chances are he doesn’t want to continue playing this game. Especially in the phase of getting to know each other, it may not be worth fighting for you.

Making Men Jealous – Is It Really Helpful?

If you have questions about the strategy, ask yourself the following questions:

Am I overreacting?

Too much of a good thing is rarely really good. Arousing his jealousy might make sense if you want to draw his attention to you and light a fire he may never have felt before. But: If you overdo it, it can backfire, especially at first. So: find a good average.

Do I play with fire?

Especially in the first approach, the connection between you and the man is still very loose. If you risk everything just to make yourself scarce, he will quickly lose interest in you and other encounters. Because who likes to play forever?

What will he think of me?

Put yourself in the shoes of jealous men you want to entangle – they will feel inferior and quickly feel that you have no serious intentions.

Does this still work?

Often, the game with suspicion doesn’t work. Because, in the long run, you just push the one you chose away, giving a clear, negative signal: I’m not interested in you!

Why do I want to make you jealous?

It’s also important to find out why you want to make a man jealous. Are you afraid to let him get too close? Or do you just want him to pay attention to you? It makes sense to be concerned about triggers – because there might be something different behind them than you suspect.

Bottom line: don’t risk making a man jealous – no one benefits from it



On a healthy level, teasing and small teasing doesn’t hurt dating. If a little jealousy arises, it’s a good sign that he has feelings for you. It is a game of fire, however, as there is no successful strategy for making a man jealous. And there’s no guarantee that your attempts won’t be crazy. Therefore: Do not start anything unnecessary. This is often crowned with failure and rarely ends in a harmonious and beautiful relationship. Therefore, you must simply remain authentic and righteous in getting to know each other. Honesty and transparency will take you much further than playing with a man’s feelings.