How to make a man want a serious relationship: 12 infallible tips

We all know the story. A girl meets a boy. Things are going great, until at some point, what they want from a relationship doesn’t quite match up.

She wants a commitment. But as soon as she leaves a toothbrush at her house, he starts to distance himself.

Do not worry. You can give a new twist to your relationship with what I will tell you next.

In this article, I am going to list the 12 most important things you can do to get a man to commit.

This will happen this way, because men really want committed relationships, when they consider that it will be better than what they currently have.

And that’s what you have to show him.

How to make a man commit: 12 proven keys to achieve it

1) Let him be your hero

It’s great that you’re independent. But it is also very important that your boy does not feel that he is an unnecessary addition in your life.

The simple truth is that men like to feel important and needed.

It is a difficult balance to strike. Be independent enough so that he respects you and wants you.

But also let him take the initiative for you and feel like a suitable man for your relationship.

Because men have an intrinsic desire to be your hero and this has nothing to do with being your Bruce Willis.

Let me explain you.

In recent years, relationship scientists and psychologists have been talking about a new theory called the hero instinct.

This basically means that men have a deep-seated desire to step up for the woman in their life and protect her. They want to offer her something that no other man can offer and, in return, earn her love and respect.

In other words, he wants to be your hero. This is built into your DNA.

I know it seems a bit silly. In this time, women can take care of themselves.

But men have a biological drive to feel like one, and the best thing you can do is let it be for you.

The best part is that women can trigger this instinct in them. There are phrases you can say and little requests you can make to make him feel like the hero of your life.

And when his hero instinct kicks in, a man is much more likely to commit to a deep, passionate, and long-lasting relationship.

2) Don’t suffocate him

As we said before, men are attracted to independent women in their fair measure. Otherwise, if you are too demanding with a boy, you can cause rejection.

At the beginning of a relationship, it’s normal to want to spend as much time together as possible. However, be careful not to lose yourself in the relationship. Remember that the woman he fell in love with was independent and outgoing.

Make sure you maintain a strong social life outside of the relationship. Keep seeing your friends and family.

Look at him as part of your life, not as your whole life. Not only will your friends thank you, he will too.

Plus, this gives him permission to do the same, making your relationship much healthier. Additionally, maintaining this right will make it much more likely that you will commit in the long run.

Relationships thrive when you feel in balance with most areas of your life.

There is much truth in the old saying “absence makes love grow.” If you’ve had a fun weekend with your friends, he’ll probably be excited to see you when you get back.

3) Because you are worth it

Remember, this guy fell for you in the first place, because he likes you.

He probably watches you when you get dressed, and when you undress. She has seen you ready to go out at night on the town and when you wake up in the morning.

You should be confident in how you look and how much he is attracted to you. Don’t seek safety from him because of how you look all the time. Otherwise, it suggests a need, which will work its way into his brain over time.

Telling him that you need to lose weight or that you would like your breasts to be bigger are other important things to avoid.

What makes you more attractive in his eyes is that you feel confident about how you look. If you keep pointing out that you are not as attractive as you could be, it will only make him start to believe it.

4) If he is emotionally unavailable, try this

Most men struggle to open up and tell you what they’re thinking.

The reality is that men are not good at processing their emotions. This is why they can walk away unexpectedly, when it comes time to commit.

And the reason is simple.

Male and female brains are biologically different.

One big difference is that the limbic system, the part of the brain that regulates our emotions, is much larger in female brains than in males.

This is why women are generally more in touch with their emotions. Unlike men, who may have a hard time dealing with complicated feelings, such as falling in love with a woman.

Most men don’t think about relationships logically. At least not in the way that women do.

What really matters to men is how the relationship makes them feel.

The simple truth is that your man wants to feel like he has found the best woman for him. This makes him feel that he is a winner.

5) Trust him

If a man thinks that you are constantly watching him, looking for clues about an infidelity, he will think that this is not the right relationship for him.

For the relationship to work, it is absolutely vital that your man knows that you trust him completely. If you don’t trust him, he’ll find someone else who does.

Lack of trust destroys the foundation of any relationship.

If you always ask her where she’s been or who she’s been with, you’re not the person she wants to spend her whole life with.

Remember that he chose you and wants to be with you. If he changes his mind, you’re not going to prevent it by constantly asking him questions.

6) Be their number 1 fan

You should believe in your man 100%.

You clearly think he’s special. So it’s only natural that you expect everyone to share this opinion.

It’s up to you to convince him that you are the person who can help him make his dreams come true.

This means that you will support him, while he changes careers, goes back to education or starts a business. It is not for you to be the voice of reason.

What you need is a strong, loyal and consistent believer to stand behind you as you go through the big changes in your life.

The same should happen with him. It has to support you in all the dreams you want to achieve in your life.

The feeling that they are a team allows them to each pursue their own individual desires.

7) You don’t always need to have the last word

There is nothing more unpleasant for a man than being with a woman who always wants to be right.

Of course, sometimes you will have to stand firm on a point. But this should not happen all the time.

Save your opinions for the important things. Don’t worry so much about the little things. Otherwise, you can become the judgmental woman that no man wants to be with.

How do you think you make your man feel, when you treat him like he’s stupid?

Also, don’t lose sight of the fact that he can go out and find another woman, who appreciates him for who he is.

Telling him, for example: “I told you we should have left half an hour earlier”, will never be a constructive criticism.

Instead, let him figure out the consequences of his actions on his own and maybe next time he’ll decide to leave half an hour early on his own.

After all, he is an adult.

8) Do not always find yourself so available

It is a reality that men love what they cannot have.

This is the main reason why you have to make him feel like he doesn’t have you completely yet. In this way you will make him want to have you just for him and seriously commit to you.

Some things you can do to make him feel like yet another man can win you over is to start new activities or projects. Especially, where there are many people you can meet.

You can start going to the gym, take a pottery class, go to a literary cafe or go for a walk alone.

You will see how this will arouse his interest to know what you are doing again in your life. And he will want to be careful that no other man can conquer you.

In this way he will show you that his is serious and that you are the woman he wants to be by his side. You will see how in a short time he will take a step forward to advance in the relationship.

9) Know yourself

“Black or blue dress? How about? Black slims more. Blue goes with my gold shoes. What do you think?”

Do you really want to know what he thinks about it? Okay, I’ll tell you. He is thinking, “Stop asking me these questions and just pick a dress!”

Men like to participate in decision-making, but only the decisions that they consider important or relevant.

The dress you wear to dinner may be important to you, but it isn’t to him.

The woman he first fell in love with had been able to choose a dress for herself.

As much as men like to be in charge sometimes, they don’t want to get involved in the “details” of your life.

10) Respect their privacy

When you’re with a man, you learn things about him that you didn’t know before.

The way he likes to be touched “right there”, or what really drives him crazy.

This is one of the best things about being with someone in a committed relationship. It’s not just about sleeping together, but about the level of intimacy they manage to achieve.

However, it is absolutely necessary to respect that privacy. It only works because there is a deep level of trust between the two of you. If trust is lost, it is almost impossible to regain it.

That means things that are private should stay that way.

You shouldn’t share bedroom secrets with your friends.

He is trusting you, showing himself to you in a complete and transparent way. Your part of the deal is to keep the intimate details just between the two of you.

The same goes for discussions. Fights are best kept behind closed doors.

If you want to yell at him and yell things at him, that’s fine. But you shouldn’t do it in the middle of a mall.

You will find it degrading and humiliating. Men hate being demeaned more than anything else and especially in front of other people.

If there are things you need to say, do it in private.

11) Have a good relationship with your family

If you are lucky enough to have been introduced to his family, you know that he truly loves you.

Most people consider family to be the most important thing in the world. A man introduces a girlfriend to her family, to make sure there are no problems once he finally decides to commit to her.

So, take matters into your own hands, getting along as best you can with your guy’s loved ones.

A suggestion, always the small details count:

  • Give some pretty flowers to his mother and tell her what a good companion her son is.
  • Let the father know that you know where his boyfriend’s appeal came from.
  • Make the whole family laugh with your humor and ingenuity. Every woman knows how to be charming and sweet.

When you have the approval of his family, your man will surely ask you at some point in the near future to take your relationship to the next level.

12) Relax

If he wanted a drama, he would buy a theater ticket.

Men commonly complain that their women are difficult to understand. Some men see their partner as an everyday side job. Until they get tired and leave.

I know that there are women who can be exciting and attractive. That kind of woman can be a great short-term girlfriend, but she doesn’t usually last long in a relationship.

Being with a woman like that is like being on a roller coaster. No one wants to stay in it for a long time as it gets tiring.

The key here is to relax. Let go of the little things. Control your anger, or at least save it for the important things.

If he comes home with lipstick on his neck, then you have every right to be furious. If he leaves the toilet seat up, let him through.

Remember – this is about you, not him

Notice anything particular about these 12 tips for getting a man to commit?

They mostly have to do with how you see yourself. Not with what you can do for him.

These 12 keys can help guide a man to a place where he feels able to commit, but none of them are “tricks.”

Ultimately, what will get him into a serious relationship with you is his love for you.

And that’s what it all comes down to in the end. If you are authentic, trusting, confident, and respectful, that is a great foundation for a long and happy life together.

Ultimately, the best way to get a man to commit is to be yourself and trust him to make the right decision.